10 alternative applications to WhatsApp

10 alternative applications to WhatsApp

In the world of instant messaging, the giant WhatsApp carries the waving flag, and by far! Even its strongest competitors, such as Facebook's Messenger and Telegram, managed to attract millions of users, however few have left the green icon App permanently. And those who did it were forced by force majeure, such as the end of compatibility of their devices with new versions of the application, or to take a break from the stress of answering messages and seeing funny statuses all day long. We know, it's exhausting.

But all is not lost, since, if what you want is to have other types of possibilities, in the Android and Ios stores you will find thousands of applications similar to WhatsApp, with a wide range of features similar or better than the aforementioned App., each one offers some advantages that distinguish them from others, allowing them to be not just another application, but rather the most respectable competitors in the field of instant messaging for smartphones. Looking for other options? Don't think too much about it and go the other way. Today we show you the 10 best alternative applications to WhatsApp.

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A strong competitor since the days when Blackberry was the leader in the smartphone market, Viber has managed to transcend each generation to become one of the most promising rivals of WhatsApp, since it has managed to trample it on many occasions, being used as a viable alternative in case you can no longer use the Green Balloon app, then meet Viber!

This application is an instant messaging network that allows you to stay in constant contact with your family and friends from all over the world, through its chat, where you can send personalized text messages, using your data plan or Wi-Fi connection. -Fi available. In addition, Viber allows you to use basic features such as uploading a profile picture, sending emojis and stickers via messages, which you can access by adding a person by his phone number and also downloading the application.

Viber, on the other hand, offers an innovative and genuine function at the time, which marks a milestone in the world of messaging: international voice calls, use of the data plan or internet connection. Before other messengers started copying this feature, Viber came close to launching an option that allowed free voice calls and video chats.

This App also has a feature that, until now, few messengers have managed to copy: public accounts. Unlike WhatsApp, in Viber you can follow users and accounts that have public privacy, access their content and enjoy what they want to share with you, so the barriers imposed by phone numbers are no longer admissible, making this application a trivial alternative, if we take into account its similarity to the more popular ones.

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9. WeChat

A messaging that has it all, WeChat is a leader in several countries around the world, as it is an application «all-in-one», positioning itself as a strong competitor in the messaging application market. In this App you can chat, send messages, videos, sounds, photos, personalized stickers, locations and many possibilities that you can use in groups and with individual contacts that you have added to your agenda. Therefore, if you want to socialize and at the same time be close to your best friends and family, you should consider installing it on your smartphone.

WeChat, on the other hand, becomes an information network thanks to its program «Official Account», which consists of profiles of users of the public scene and world-renowned personalities, where they share relevant information on the progress of their work, or on topics that are global news and when it happens. So, in addition to serving as a messaging service, in this App you can find out about daily events.

This application also allows you to make calls to telephone lines in various countries around the world, although this is a region-limited feature. But don't worry if it's not available in yours, as you can use the call and video call feature using your data plan and stable Wi-Fi connection, so you can continue to connect with your loved ones and spend a pleasant time.

Furthermore, among many features, there is also a space called "mini programs" which deals with multiple services connected to the application, but with an external inclination, since they are managed for other advantages and linked to WeChat. From fun games to other important services, the app lets you perform multiple functions while writing chat messages, so don't wait long to try it out.

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The famous forerunner of the Stickers is still alive and well. Many of us have seen the large advertising investments that Line has made to reach millions of users around the world, and they have succeeded, because Line is considered one of the most used messaging applications by young people on the planet. If your intention is to send dynamic messages, with a fun twist, then you should know the advantages of this application.

Among the notable advantages of Line, you find that it allows you to make group video calls! Yes, something that seems impossible in WhatsApp is a palpable reality in this application. You can coordinate with your friends and family and set up a face-to-face conversation, without interruptions or time limits, as you have control over the duration and effectiveness of your video call, allowing you to take advantage and make the most of this new feature.

In addition to the above, Line has a feature that makes it a Facebook-sized social network, as it has its own «timeline» that is, you can share what you are doing, when you do it and who you do it with and leave a record so that others can enjoy it as much as you do. Forget having to post your content on Instagram or the face of the book, as, with this app, you won't have to go anywhere else.

And, in case you're still not convinced, Line has its own security vault, so you can protect all of your content. From your most precious messages, to photos, videos, audios and multimedia content, you can protect in the "keep" option where you will keep all your valuable information safe, in case of loss or any other inconvenience, since everything is stored in the cloud.

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7. Tuenti

Among so many messages, it's time to discover an application dedicated exclusively to calls. Tuenti takes advantage of the many opportunities and options that technology offers, to collect them in an App that allows you to make any type of call: voice, video, with data, via Wi-Fi or by subscribing to a series of plans that will assign you minutes and services data, everything under control.

Through the service VozDigital, Tuenti allows you to make calls, both national and international, without anything stopping you, thanks to the data service plans that the application offers you. You will be able to make any number of calls without interruptions or excessive charges, since the charges will be calculated according to the amount of megabytes you spend during the duration of the call, and not in additional costs, as the telephone companies do.

On the other hand, you can call for free! Yes, as you read it. If your friends and family also download and install the App, they can stay connected all day and talk unlimited, as there will be no charges for calls between registered users. Forget expensive bills and take advantage of the opportunity that Tuenti offers you to start talking at length, inviting your friends to join the community and enjoy the service.

Also, unlike any other messaging application, Tuenti allows you to log in on any other device, without the need to create a single account, since your contacts and your plans are distributed in the cloud service, so you can connect from your Tablet or PC, and make the calls you need without having to use any phone or cell phone to contact people.

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6. mao

Used by more than 5 million users worldwide, imao becomes a multifunctional application, as it allows you to chat, call and have fun at the same time thanks to its various and varied functions. You don't need the classic WhatsApp to have fun and dynamic conversations, because by downloading this application you will immediately be in contact with your loved ones and taking advantage of the various functions at your fingertips.

Con had you can make calls using 3G, 4G networks or Wi-Fi service, so you don't have to pay cost plans or services in minutes, which shorten the experience between the user and his family. You just have to download the application, ask the people around you to do it too and start making long and unlimited calls, with unprecedented audio and video quality, considered one of the best.

Furthermore, in imago you can create families, condominiums, thematic groups, plan outings with friends or any other purpose you want to give it, to maintain extended conversations with the people around you and be in collective contact. You no longer have to write individually to tell a relevant fact of your life, because, if you want to make it public, everyone will be in the same place listening to you… or reading you.

Also this application is also available for tablets and other non-phone devices, allowing you to expand your possibilities and options when chatting, calling or contacting the people you love most. So, if you don't have a smartphone, but you do have a tablet, download imago and find out how good an alternative for WhatsApp can be, and don't forget to tell your friends to use it too!

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5. KakaoTalk

A promising application, without a doubt, is the recommended KakaoTalk. This App has all the features of any other traditional messaging: send messages, both individually and in groups, use funny and charismatic emojis, share your favorite photos, send long and extended voice notes or simply send a video in which you tell the events of the your day, and everything, in one place.

A notable feature of KakaoTalk is its new filter function for voice notes. We've seen how Snapchat filters expand to other applications and social networks. However, the voice filters of this App are their own and particular. You can add various edits and modifications to your voice memo before you send it, to give it an intention or to make it fun if that's what you want.

Also, thanks to the feature «Plus Friend», which various well-known brands in the world are subscribed to, you can get discounts and coupons for your consumption or purchases in those specific places. Also, your rewards can be based on paying for better features of the application, so you can access exclusive features, which only Premium users have. (Nothing to envy to WhatsApp).

On the other hand, KakaoTalk takes into account the imminent defeat of other messengers such as BBM and takes advantage of its pin to be able to register thousands of users through it. That means, if you have been using Blackberry Messenger and can't find your friend from that network, add him with his pin in KakaoTal messenger and you might find him registered, to reminisce about old times and go on virtual adventures.

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Another new and interesting alternative is BOTIM, a call and messaging application available in your smartphone stores. If you want to keep in touch with the people you love or just make sustained calls at no extra cost, this application is a good option for you. Forget text messages and WhatsApp subscription.

With BOTIM you can make voice and video calls via 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection networks at no extra cost, as it uses your internet data to connect to the network and contact the person on the other end. But the best thing about this feature is that its quality is in high definition! If you are tired of seeing pixelated and distorted faces of your friends through video calls, this application will be a good option for you.

Those calls and the set of chats you open will also be protected by encryption technology, so only you and the other person can access and review them for a certain time. This means that in the event of loss, your information will be protected and the exclusivity of your content will continue to be yours. Relax and enjoy, because your information is encrypted.

And if you want more reasons to download BOTIM, discover its proposal in group chats with up to 500 people talking at the same time. If you want to have great conversations that include fans of your favorite actor or singer, you should download this application now, with which you can organize meetings that allow you to strengthen the bonds of your fans and carry out outdoor activities.

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Another of the excellent alternatives is Signal, an application similar to the previous ones, but with characteristics that make it unique and differentiated. Talk to your friends, get in touch with your loved ones, organize working groups, send pictures of your travels, send voice notes telling your experiences or upload a video expressing your emotions. At Signal, you can do all of this and more.

An outstanding feature of Signal is that it is structured in an open source system, which makes it transparent and verifiable for application connoisseurs. With this peculiarity, the application becomes the only one that allows it to be analyzed by independent experts, to verify its reliability and the safety of the users who use it, making it a completely transparent tool.

In addition to this specialty, Signal has the WhatsApp feature based on end-to-end chat encryption. This means that messages are not intercepted and captured by third parties during transmission, as they are transmitted encrypted using unhackable codes, so that the final message can only be seen by the recipient and not by someone outside the conversation.

Signal instead becomes a promising application, as it plans to launch its services towards the borders of Tablets and non-telephone devices, allowing users to expand their opportunities, who prefer not to limit themselves to a single device, but can mobilize according to the tools they have right now, just like Instagram and Snapchat did.

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2. Random

An application to meet people all over the world. Azar is a non-traditional messaging service since, unlike the others, it is open to the public so you can meet people from all over the world and chat according to your possibilities and preferences. Forget about making friends only in your locality, as there are more than 190 countries outside waiting to talk to you.

Among the features of Azar, you will find the real-time translator. Yes, you no longer have to go to Google Transtale to know what your conquest of Germany told you, as the translator shows you, in your language and exactly, what this person is telling you, so you have fluid contact without the language is an impediment, so you have no excuse to seek out a date.

Also, Azar has a function of filters, disguises and masks in case you want to hide your identity. You don't need to see someone face-to-face to have a pleasant conversation, but if you want to have a video call meeting and you don't want to be seen, you can use these filters and maintain a calm environment, since, probably, the other person is also using it, an innovative feature, it should be noted

Also to access the chat with people from all over the world, you will find a list with different profiles, which you can access by simply swiping your finger, as if it were a WhatsApp status or an Instagram photo. Put the conditions, you just have to enjoy the moment and meet people with the same tastes and needs as you.

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1. Messages

Whoever said traditional SMS text messaging was dead was dead wrong. Thanks to Google, today you can continue to send your texts, but in a more innovative and inclusive way, since you will now have the possibility to add any number of multimedia files, like in WhatsApp.

Traditionally, if you sent a message, you could subscribe to the acknowledgment function, which was a message from the operator informing you that the recipient had picked up your text. But this old-fashioned feature is a thing of the past. Now you can see who's texting you in real time and also let you know if they've received or read what you've left for them.

In addition, you no longer have to worry about subscribing to special packages from your operator, as text messages are sent quickly using your data service or an available Wi-Fi connection, provided the other person has downloaded the Google application., in so that everyone can enjoy the service without any interruptions or obstacles, like the traditional version of this app.

This is why the giant search engine focuses on details that make it a competitive messaging service, saving its main features. Its design is also done in a minimalistic way to avoid information overload and keep everything organized and in the right place. The mission of the message is to be the channel, you do the rest of the work.

Download it on Google Play |

In short, all the alternative applications to WhatsApp have particular characteristics that make them options and possibilities that are difficult to exclude. If what you're looking for is to send messages, photos, videos, sounds, documents and endless multimedia content to keep in touch with your family and friends, you can take advantage of any of the applications that we show you today in this top 10 list.

For this reason, we encourage you to give each one a chance and demonstrate that they are treated independently to make a final decision. Remember that everyone can replace WhatsApp in case you want to or can't use it, so don't stay out of the entertainment or socialization offered by these apps, taking advantage of the many opportunities and alternatives they offer you.

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