10 apps to download videos from Youtube

10 apps to download videos from Youtube

With the birth of YouTube, a new and varied way of consuming audiovisual content emerges. With the advancement of technology, smartphones have entered our lives and uploading a video to the popular web has become a simple operation of just a few steps. Over time, the program called YouTube has become a space for the diffusion of companies, socialization and entertainment in general. But how we download videos from youtube on our mobile device. 

Where is the problem? Sometimes we want to have our favorite videos without having to depend on the WiFi network and meanwhile avoid charging our data rate. Want to know how to do it? In this article that in applicationspara.org we have prepared for you, you have the   best apps to download videos from youtube.

Download Youtube videos

In this installment that we have prepared today in applicationspara.org we present you the 10 best applications to download videos from YouTube so that we can play them offline.

It is known to all Internet users that the YouTube program is one of the largest video portals on the Internet. It has been proven that in it, every day we can find millions of new videos created by other users that light up our free time.

It's true and as much as we love YouTube,  online video playback it is one of the things that consumes more mobile data than our tariff, which makes it extremely difficult to watch a large number of videos when we do not have a WiFi connection. Some time ago, the Google company presented YouTube Red, the premium subscription service that allows you to extend the YouTube experience with some extra features

Despite everything, one of them has been requested by YouTube users for years, and that is the playback of videos offline, by downloading them to our device. For failing to respond to requests from youtubers for YouTube Red to reach different countries, they've been around for a while now applications for downloading videos from youtube. For today we bring you a collection of the top 10 alternatives.

1.- Video camera 10

This program called Videoder is one of the most recent applications for downloading videos from YouTube, although it is undoubtedly one of the best that we can find. The amazing thing about this application is that it is capable of downloading both video and audio in any format,  allowing us too to select a list of videos to download automatically instead of having to select them one by one, which will save us a lot of time.

This application which is called Videoder stands out for its simple design based on Material Design, where suggestions will appear so that its use is as intuitive as possible. To highlight its shortcomings and in particular a negative point, I must clarify that this is an application that does not support horizontal use, making it rather inconvenient to use, especially if you are a tablet user.

The moment we stand watching videos, the mere fact of having to turn the mobile to download them can be annoying, but if our purpose is only to download, that's very good.

2.- TubeMate

Introducing TubeMate, which is one of the oldest applications on the scene. Very similar to its peers, its main function is to download videos from YouTube to be able to play them on our device. It's a pity, although the application is still working,  has been surpassed in many respects compared to the competition.

We can point out that the modified version of TubeMate it is quite interesting as it is based on Material Design, has no ads and gives us the possibility to download  playlist complete, as well as being updated much more frequently.

3.- Snap tube

Let's talk about an application called SnapTube which is one of the most complete applications that we can find today. The innovative application that allows us to download videos and music from virtually every corner of the internet.

One of the tools in its arsenal is that it not only downloads videos from YouTube, but also from other popular sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo  and even Vine. The application we bring to you ha inside it an integrated browser from which we can navigate directly to these sites, so that when a video appears, we can download it.

This innovative application called Snaptube also has other very interesting options such as being able to access the most popular videos and the greatest hits, although its greatest advantage is undoubtedly being able to download them from the native application. We can cite an example, if we are on YouTube and we press the share button, we can click  download video, being an addition that offers a lot of comfort

4.- YouTube Downloader

It is said that within the community responsible for developing applications, XDA Developers is one of the largest communities where we can find anything that can be done on Android. Like changing the ROM of our phone or getting to know a new application, XDA is one of the best sites we can access.

In the internet world we find an application created and developed called YouTube Downloader. Using this application is very simple, since from the YouTube application itself we can download the video by pressing the Share button, choosing  YouTube Downloader, although we can use it as an application as well

5.- New tube

We present NewPipe, an alternative that we can find on F-Droid, the market of applications dedicated to free software. All that we have been able to find out about this application and its origin is  Free subscription, so that its source code can be downloaded, and all for free.

Among its features, this application allows us to search and look YouTube videos, play their music in the background, and download both the videos and the music only, making it a free alternative to the YouTube subscription service we all use.

6.- Downloader di video HD

We can say about this application that its highly refined interface and the fact that it supports an infinite number of video formats are some of the aspects that have most attracted our attention to HD Video Downloader. What you can also save them directly to your smartphone's SD card in a couple of seconds. On the subject of download, which is what interests us the most, it can be done directly from the browser without having to leave the page, so you can continue to enjoy browsing and download hundreds of videos every day.

7.- Fastest video downloader

This downloader has among its most pronounced characteristics, it is undoubtedly the speed with which we can download all the videos of our choice.  L’app Fastest Video Downloader it's the free alternative to other similarly sized apps, also with more features than any other. The moment you lose your internet connection, the built-in download manager will allow you to automatically resume your download, pause it or remove it from the list.

8.- Video downloader

This amazing application is a "all in one" very practical for those who cannot resist any image, audio or video track available on the Internet. No matter what media file you are looking for, it will be ready for download via Video Downloader, which at the same time will allow you to listen to them directly from your download list. When you don't have an internet connection, you can find downloaded material on your phone's memory card.

9.- Facile YouTube Downloader

When it comes to navigability, this cool Easy YouTube Downloader app gets all our marks. What we can argue about this application is that it offers us the advantage of getting top rated videos of the moment, the most commented and the most popular in seconds. If, on the other hand, you are the most demanding, you can also set up a custom search and use YouTube filters such as the upload date or video size. What you need to do to download it, just click on the desired file and that's it!

10.- KeepVid

Like its similar relative, TubeMate, KeepVid initially offers us a menu with web pages where we can search for videos to download, although we can add anything that comes to mind. Also similar to that, this application helps us download videos in MP4 and GGP and their audio in MP3 and M4A. What this application can offer us compared to others is that there  allows you to pause the download and even cancel it. Once all the desired files have been downloaded, from the apk itself we have the option of reproducing them, deleting them or going to the original download page.

And if we could download things from other video websites, the main search engine is based on YouTube. We can make our own favorite download  from the video itself or from the search results list. This wonderful application is complete, effective, with an attractive menu and without annoying ads…

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