10 best applications to block WhatsApp

10 best applications to block WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application of all time. Millions of private messages, media files like images, videos, stickers, gifs are shared on it, and it even lets you make video calls and send voice notes. It's widely useful and effective, but it's also ultra-personal, so if it falls into the wrong hands, your information will be exposed. Solve this problem now by downloading these apps to block whatsapp

It is a series of programs for smartphones that will allow you to add a special lock, protected by a strong password, pattern and pin to prevent third parties from accessing your content. In Appsfor.org we work to give you the best options to protect your privacy, so check out this review. Next, ours TOP 10 of the best apps to block WhatsApp.  

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10. Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure private chat

If we can assure you one thing, it's that an application like Locker for Whats doesn't appear every day. It contains a catalog of security options so you can keep your WhatsApp completely safe, as it was designed exclusively for this. Be prepared to add a personal PIN or pattern to each of the individual chats in the app. But you'll also be able to add a block to group chats, so no one can see or read them.

Meanwhile, Locker for WhatsApp offers you complete protection as it asks you to lock the app as well. You would already have 3 levels of security with a common password for them. If needed, you can choose a preferred recovery email, which will protect you in case you forget your password. If you need to change your password at any time, you just have to enter the app and in the drop-down menu you have the option designed for this.

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9. Secure Messenger and Chat

An application designed to protect all your messages such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Protect Messenger works like an app locker, where you define a pattern or PIN code that you configure after you install it. Upon entering, you will find a list of installed applications displayed and you will only have to activate the block for those you want to protect. You'll also be able to turn on the uninstall blocker, so the spies won't be able to do anything.

On the other hand, Protect Messenger is one of the best apps to lock WhatsApp because it contains a configuration system, where you can define the automatic lock time, as well as select the option to do it when your device's screen turns off. To enjoy a greater range of protection, take advantage of the intruder grabber. This feature is perfect, because it takes a photo, using the front camera, of the person who tried to unlock it.

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8. Lock thing and chat apps Lock privacy

Another application to block WhatsApp that you must try is this one. Its lightweight system and low system resource consumption will allow you to take full advantage of all its functions while keeping your device protected. All you have to do is download the app. Then open it and select WhatsApp or another app you want to privatize. From there you will be prompted to choose a unique template selected by you. Congratulations on your secure messaging!

In addition, Block Whats also includes a very useful function, because when the spy enters the password incorrectly, the application will take a photo so you can see who it is, so you will have intruders under surveillance and you will know who you should protect yourself same from. It is important not to let anyone uninstall the app, as it will be ineffective. But for that, it protects itself, as it is also capable of blocking uninstalls and therefore only you will have that power in your hands.

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7. App lock

Sometimes a little more security is needed, because there's always a way around privacy. App Lock is a powerful app that offers you additional features. Take advantage of the secret vault, where you can save all your private WhatsApp photos and videos, preventing anyone from seeing them. You have three types of block: pattern, password and PIN. You can also select two for full protection and better results.

App Lock also gives you the opportunity to set an invisible pattern, so that no one can learn it, in case they see you wearing it. If you like customizations, the application contains a catalog of personalized themes and you will only have to select the one you like best so that the password screen looks super attractive. Make sure you block uninstalls, so no one can delete the app or leave your device completely vulnerable.

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6. lock

With Lock you have a similar experience, as it contains many ways to block your most important messaging applications. We care about your WhatsApp, so choose your blocking options. The first is a custom template. Choose the one you like best, but try to make it good enough. If you prefer a PIN, we recommend adding numbers, letters and special characters, this will make it more difficult for any spy to crack it.

As if that weren't enough, Lock also includes a password option, although this only depends on numeric characters. Avoid inserting ID cards, identification documents and important dates, as they are the most vulnerable and easy to guess. Enjoy an advanced protection system with a private locker, where you can save your most private media files and prevent others from seeing them. And if needed, it even blocks uninstalls for added protection.

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5. App lock

What better way to secure WhatsApp than by blocking it with its fun Emojis. Seriously! With Application Lock you'll be able to define highly secure patterns, but in a different way, as it allows you to define a list of emojis that will appear while you do your job. That is to say, it works exactly like a normal pattern, only instead of colored lines appearing, you'll have lots of funny emojis and no one will be able to guess them!

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It should be noted that Application Lock is one of the most complete applications to lock WhatsApp because it also contains other privacy methods. Define a custom PIN so that no one can read your private messages. Select a numeric password that protects your media files. Enjoy a themed block system, so you can change the look of your privacy screen. There are many reasons to use this app.

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4. App Lock

The time has come for you to lock WhatsApp with one tap. You no longer need to make so many customizations, because AppLock only asks you for two small things: the first is that you select a unique pattern or numeric PIN code, including as many numbers as you like. While the second is that you activate the application you want to block, since you will also be able to secure various messages, calls, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, among others.

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3. Block: App block

A very elegant design and different ways to block that you will love. The most important is fingerprint privacy, so you can put it on the screen and unlock it this way, although it is functional with devices that have this feature. You can also define decoy screens, so intruders will try to enter hundreds of passwords, but none of them will be correct because there is no password! Its interface is elegant, simple and very intuitive.

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2. Block (App Block)

Lock is perhaps the oldest but most useful application for blocking WhatsApp. With it you can define different forms of privacy, even by fingerprint, as long as your device has Android higher than 6.0. Contains a secret vault for photos and another for videos, so your files will be kept safe. You'll also be able to hide the app, hiding it behind a decoy app so no one can guess it's there, among other unleashed features.

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1. App lock – PIN and pattern lock

Finally, one of the applications to block WhatsApp with multiple reinforcements. This time you will be able to define up to three types of locks, which you will have to go through consecutively in order to enter the application. That is, you must first add a special numeric PIN. Then decipher the unique pattern. Finally, enter an alphanumeric password. And if that's not enough, change the app icon and lock the locker so no one can see it.

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With these applications for Block Whatsapp you can define passwords, change icons, hide individual and group chats, protect photos, videos and multimedia files. You also have the option to take advantage of a multi-block system. Enjoy a camo protection system. Change your lock screen theme to one that looks attractive. Define emoji templates and other traditional ones, among various additional features for you.

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All the apps we present to you in this Appsfor.org review were selected for their many features, but as an extra boost, we offer you another useful tip. Within the WhatsApp settings, you can prevent media files from appearing in the gallery, so you can protect your privacy from another angle. This was ours TOP 10 of the best apps to block WhatsApp. Have fun protecting yourself!

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