10 best apps for using Twitter

10 best apps for using Twitter

Twitter is a member of the prestigious «top 2» together with Facebook as the most popular social network in the world. It has hundreds of millions of daily users and is trusted by many for the latest news and trends. The site has its disputes from time to time. However, there is no other social network that shows you things in chronological order so that you can see the latest things happening right now.

If you're looking for a great Twitter experience, look no further. Twitter made some changes to its API in August. However, according to Talon developer Luke Klinker, it wasn't as big of a deal as everyone thought. Anyway, here are the best ones app to use Twitter that you must have on your device.

10 best apps for using Twitter

As mentioned, Twitter is one of the best social networks in the world and the millions of users it has are a fervent example of this. For this reason, it is common for there to be a wide variety of tools that allow you to create one of these apps, so if you want to explore more options and develop the full potential of this popular social network, pay attention to the following list.

1.- Phoenix 2

Fenix ​​​​​​​​2 is the sequel to one of the most popular Twitter applications. Fenix ​​​​​​2 adds some refinement along with other things compared to the first one. This is good news because the former is no longer available on Google Play. It supports multiple accounts, a silent system, great design and more. There are also some customization options for the home screen.

It works quite well, even if it's a bit newer than most of the more mature Twitter apps. It's also cheap, although there's no free version to try first.

Download it on Google Play | Download it from the App Store

2.- Hashtag users

Hashtag Users is a different kind of Twitter app. This it focuses more on account management rather than tweeting and browsing like most twitter apps. Users can check their followers, hashtag performance, trending topics and other similar metrics. It's not exactly on the level that a company would use.

However, it's definitely more than what you'd see in a regular Twitter app. It's fun to use and might actually help a bit if you're browsing followers and trending topics.

Download it on Google Play

3.- Suite Hoot

Hootsuite is one of the original Twitter apps which also tracks multiple social networks at the same time. With it, you can control your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more accounts, all from one central hub. It's a little confusing at first, but very easy to use once you get the hang of it.

You can post to multiple networks at once, get notifications for Facebook and Twitter when people mention you (or a specific hashtag), and there's so much more here. This requires a subscription for the full feature list. However, only businesses and similar entities would need something like this.

Download it on Google Play | Download it from the App Store

4.- Plume for Twitter

Plume for Twitter has been around for a long, long time and was one of the first really good Twitter apps for Android. It has been updated over the years and now features a Material Design based UI that looks pretty good.

Other features include support for multiple accounts, customization options, Facebook integration, bit.ly support for shorter URLs, and more. It has its fair share of bugs. It's also one of the more bloated options. The pro version works exactly like the free version, only without ads.

Download it on Google Play

5.- HEEL

Talon for Twitter is one of the most popular Twitter applications. He was also among the first with Material Design. Since, has established itself as one of the best Twitter tools available right now. It has a great user interface, dual account support, Android Wear support, night mode, and even a native YouTube player, so you don't have to leave the app.

There is no free version of this app, so be sure to try it within the refund time to make sure you enjoy it! It is definitely one of the best Twitter apps.

Download it on Google Play

6.- Twidere

Twidere for Twitter is one of the relatively new Twitter apps that tries to keep things safe, light and simple. It uses Material Design, which looks great and has your usual features, like tweet expansion (280+ characters) via t.co and more.

It's free, open source, and includes all the security steps you can get with a Twitter app. There are also various configuration and customization options to make it work the way you want. The Pro version adds some additional features.

Download it on Google Play

7.- TweetCaster

TweetCaster is one of the most popular Twitter usage apps in the list and also one of the original Twitter alternative tools to reach play store. It has been updated frequently in recent years and includes one of the longest feature lists available today.

You can manage multiple accounts, post to Facebook, mute posts, add photo effects to shared content, check Twitter stats, apply themes, and much more. It can really do quite a bit, but that means it also falls into bloated territory, so be careful. The paid version removes the ads.

Download it on Google Play | Download it from the App Store

8.- TwitPane

TwitPane is one of the lightest and most customizable Twitter applications. Its claim to fame is the ability to view only the boards you want to see. This way you can delete the things you don't want and keep only the things you do.

Also, the free version of the app (ad-supported) offers you support for three accounts while the paid version has five. It doesn't look too special, but the design is simple and solid. The free version is ad-supported. The paid version removes ads and adds some extra features. It's surprisingly good.

Download it on Google Play

9. Twitter

Naturally, we will give mandatory approval to the official Twitter application. Hilariously, the official Twitter app is one of the least cluttered options on the list. It does what you need and that's it. It will be the first to support the new Twitter features.

This includes things like Twitter Moments, live images, and the latest mute features (where available). It's completely free, you'll never run out of tokens, and it even has decent sync settings. However, its big attraction is having Twitter features that none of the third-party apps can get yet.

Download it on Google Play | Download it from the App Store

10.- Ubersocial

Ubersocial is actually produced by the same developers who brought us Plume for Twitter, so if you've used one, you know what to expect from the other. It has deeper Facebook integration than usual, and you can post to Facebook using the app. It also has some of the basic features of a third-party third-party app, such as multi-account support, post-mute, live view, conversation views, etc.

There is also a theme along with some quirky features like shake to refresh. It's a fun app to try out, even if it's starting to lose its appeal compared to newer, more modern Twitter apps.

Twitter is by far the best or one of the best social networks, so it is not uncommon to see a number of options or tools that not only give you access to this application, but also give you the ability to filter information, schedule tweets, among the other. So, if you usually use this app frequently, or better yet, your financial income depends on it, then don't hesitate to use any of these apps described above and make the most of it.

Download it on Google Play | Download it from the App Store

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