10 best color WhatsApp applications

10 best color WhatsApp applications

We all use WhatsApp, that's for sure. Anyone who says no is most likely lying. And it is that this powerful app has been positioned for years as the preferred messaging application by users, even surpassing text messages and other competitor proposals. But we are also tired of the green Slim icon! So, today we are going to teach you how to change it with these colorful whatsapp applications.

By following a few steps and trying various cool features on your smartphone to change WhatsApp colors, you can have a different view of what instant messaging is and customize it to your liking. On Appsfor.org We've listened to your requests, so we've finally put together a one-of-a-kind review for you to get that feature. Next, ours TOP 10 best colorful WhatsApp apps.

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10. Free icon changer

If what you were looking for was an application to change the WhatsApp icon and change its color, this option is your best alternative. Icon Changer works in a simple way so that you can replace, change or improve the logo of WhatsApp or any other application that you have installed from your gallery. All you have to do is open the app, choose the one you want to make changes to, then select an icon from your gallery. In our article on apps to change icons you will find many.

On the other hand, Icon Changer offers you two basic functions: change color or choose another icon. With the first one, you have a panel of tools that allow you to modify the color, choose another one, improve its contrast, saturation, brightness and adjust other values. While the second one is simpler, and you just need to select it from your phone, download it from the internet and edit it effectively, standing out among the colorful WhatsApp applications.

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9. Theme for WhatsApp

Another of the colorful WhatsApp applications that you can use is this one. Actually, the function that this app allows you is to choose a keyboard theme and a background to place in the chat window. The app is a bundle that includes both, and when you choose one of the hundreds of options, it will automatically install, giving you another look at your messaging window, though it also works for any other app that allows you those options.

Meanwhile, Theme for WhatsApp has an original keyboard style, so your themes will only be compatible with it. If you try to download other similar apps that have more themes, they won't work for you with this one, so take predictions. Either way, we're sure you won't need to, because you'll find so many options that you'll want to keep trying a new one every day. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it and continue trying the alternatives that we will show you.

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8. Gold Theme for WhatsApp

Who doesn't like gold? We all love it, but now you can change your WhatsApp icon to one with a golden style that will surely charm you. This application is a launcher or launcher that can change the style of your device. It will completely change its look, adding new animations, adding a super cool background and changing the icons of all installed applications, including your messenger.

If so, the traditional green color of WhatsApp will be changed to a beautiful golden color. In any case, this launcher is compatible with other themes that can be installed from the same app, so you can try its many options and choose the one you like best. This way you will have more options to take advantage of, taking another look at the home screen of your smartphone, being part of the best color WhatsApp applications.

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7. Theme for Whatsapp 2

We are sure you will love this fabulous theme. It's a keyboard changer that will allow you to have another view every time you type in your favorite messenger. Also, as an additional complement, the application includes another wallpaper so you can install the chat, so you'll have a complete package that will give your WhatsApp another color and another look. However, this app is just a theme, so you'll need to install the keyboard to use it.

Don't worry because the application itself will show you where to do it, then by following a few steps, you will have a WhatsApp with another attractive style to show your friends via screenshot or in person. The highlight is that you will find many great themes to try out, so you can vary them all the time and not always stay with the same function, being part of the apps for whatsapp themes that you will surely love.

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6. Theme for WhatsApp 3

For those with a lollipop and vintage style, these themes will do quite a feat on your smart device. Theme for WhatsApp 3 is the third part of this amazing keyboard pack, as it is able to change or replace the one that comes with your device by default, for a totally innovative and amazing one. This app comes with multiple wallpapers or backgrounds so that you can use them in green messenger chat window matching the whole pack.

On top of that, Theme for WhatsApp 3 contains several cool and super cute themes for you to try. From each selection the keyboards change appearance, even if they can be changed at any time. The keys are styled separately to make them easier to press, avoiding the common mistake of tagging letters you weren't looking for. Likewise, it will be easy to make other adjustments from the settings, ready to make changes at any time and to your liking.

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5. Color Chat Plus Custom Stickers Guide

You've probably already heard of WhatsApp Plus. It's not an official application nor a real alternative, rather it's a copy that uses the system and databases of the original application, but replacing the icon with a blue one and giving you other options, such as not appear online, prevent other people from knowing you've read their statuses, seen their stories, among other features. So, if you like blue and want to change the icon, you're done.

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That's why Color Chat Plus will allow you to change the color of WhatsApp plus, including its internal theme. This is one of the closest colorful WhatsApp applications to what you are probably looking for. By itself, this app is a guide or tutorial that will teach you how to download the app we described and how to install another theme. But we are not aware of the privacy consequences it may have, so you always use it at your own risk.

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4. Pink keyboard for WhatsApp

A fun keyboard in pink color might please your eyes. With this application you will be able to choose a pink theme for your device, so you can change the background of your chat to a more feminine one and enjoy a spectacular look. The application is a theme and works with the additional keyboard that you will need to download, but it will provide you with instructions so that you can create it yourself, so check it out and enjoy it to the fullest.

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3. Wallpapers for WhatsApp – Chat Background

Speaking of wallpapers, if what you want is to change your WhatsApp chat, with this application you'll have hundreds of incredible options. You find them in different colors such as red, blue, yellow, white, green or pink, although you also have themed options, including those with cartoon styles, landscapes, cars, people, celebrities and many other options that you should try .

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2. Text Styler for WhatsApp

Something that will surely revolutionize your WhatsApp chats are text styles. Messaging only allows us to send messages and write with the default font, but with this app you will be able to write full texts, choose multiple fonts and paste them in the chat to send them to your friends. Plus, the fonts are also compatible with your profile statuses, info, and bio, so you can make the most of it.

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1. Change the color of the keyboard

We couldn't say goodbye without bringing you another beautiful theme for your Whats. With this application you will find thousands of fantastic, colorful and spectacular themes based on multiple patterns and situations to install on your keyboard. It also includes wallpapers related to each pack, perfect for having a complete game and combining each of the functions, being part of your colorful WhatsApp applications.

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With these colorful WhatsApp apps you can change the icon of the app, choose different keyboard themes, change the background and edit the chat using a WhatsApp Plus guide. Also, most of the apps rely on keyboards with cool themes with which you can give another look at your messages. Although you will also find a spectacular launcher with which you can choose a golden icon and change the green one that comes with the default application.

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For now there is no application that allows you to change the color of the chats and the internal part of WhatsApp, at least not officially. But if you find various alternatives that help you replace the icon, change a background or apply themes to the keyboard. These three options were the most outstanding among Play Store users, so we encourage you to try them out. This was ours TOP 10 of the best color WhatsApp applications.

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