10 best WhatsApp prank apps

10 best WhatsApp prank apps

We all use WhatsApp to keep in touch, talk to our family, friends and business contacts, making it the leading instant messaging service in the world. Even if many times it becomes a means to have fun, have fun and… play jokes! The best known is perhaps the well-known «Black WhatsApp» but if you want to make fun of your friends, start downloading these applications for WhatsApp jokes.

With them you will be able to send funny pictures, stickers and videos, create fake conversations and make calls to fool everyone. Don't let them see you as a fool and fool everyone with these options that we offer you in Applicationspara.org. Each app has been selected based on positive reviews and ratings on the Play Store, so we encourage you to give it a try. Next, ours TOP 10 best apps for WhatsApp jokes.

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10. Joke Conversations – WhatsPrank

The most common way to prank your friends funny is through screenshots. And is that you will be able to show fake conversations to fool anyone. Scare your partner with a fake message from your ex or get information from him by creating a fake chat between him and someone else. You can also trick your cousins ​​with unreal messages from your crush and many other options offered by them Whatsapp joke applications.

Meanwhile, Prank Coversations offers you an interface identical to that of WhatsApp and you can change the online status, name and photos of contacts, seen or read, as well as the number of people who are in group chats. The creativity of the prank is up to you, so you'll be able to control both sides of the chat to send and reply yourself, creating a full conversation that will make you laugh out loud.

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9. Humor for WhatsApp

We all like funny memes and pictures and what better way to share them with everyone than through WhatsApp. With this application you will find a complete collection of the best memes of the web, which you can filter by categories, bullet styles or create your own, ready to be shared with all your contacts, send to group chats or publish them in your statuses to show it to everyone.

On the other hand, Humor for WhatsApp stands out among the applications for pranking WhatsApp because it will allow you to find a variety of memes, from the oldest to those that come out daily, since the list is updated periodically so you can keep everyone up to date. they «laugh dead» you just have to choose the one you liked best, click on the share option and see what they tell you.

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8. Fake chat conversations

Another of the applications for fake WhatsApp conversations it's called Fake Chat. It's an app that will help you create a fake message from anyone, putting together profiles with photos and information to scare everyone. If what you want is to show the message that your friend's ex left and the photo that she put on her profile, you just have to configure it and take a screenshot so that she can see how "silly" she is.

Apart from that, Fake Chat will let you put together a fake conversation with read messages, online status and as many messages as you want since you will be able to control both directions of the chat. Get ready to make unreal video calls as you will find a pattern similar to a chat call. You will only have to fill it in with a photograph, add the name you want and start taking a screenshot. You will see how they believe it.

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7. Zap Zap prank –

The famous and popular «whatsapp black» meme is a joke image that contains a photo in the chat preview, but when it is opened, a man with his member is revealed, which turns out to be huge. Now you can piss off all your contacts, friends and family by sending them personalized photos so they meet the unwanted black person as soon as they open the conversation.

The only thing you need is to find the meme, use the size editor which will indicate the aspect ratio in which you will need to arrange the decoy photograph. Add some extra tweaks to make the preview more appealing and appealing and configure the necessary settings. All that remains is to save it and send it to everyone to laugh and laugh for hours, standing out among applications for whatsapp jokes.

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6. Jokes for WhatsApp and compliments

The best way to tell jokes is to use emojis! Jokes for WhatsApp offers you an application with a list of funny jokes, compliments and compliments using emojis to complete the message. Categories range from jokes for adults, young and old, to those with double meanings that you want to send to make your friends laugh or make some lopsided joke. You will only have to choose between the options and submit.

Furthermore, Jokes for WhatsApp is a complete option, since it is not necessary to create jokes or make them yourself because they will all be ready, simply choosing the one you like best, copying and pasting it into the chat of the people you want You will also find some jokes to share across statuses, allowing more contacts to see it and have fun with them, the ideal among whatsapp prank applications.

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5. Memes with phrases stickers in Spanish for WhatsApp

After the stickers feature, jokes now have a different meaning. Memes with phrases stickers it is one of the best whatsapp prank apps because it offers you a large portfolio of stickers on memes, photos, drawings and funny images, both with texts and simple, to prank all your friends. The collection includes Latin American, American and European memes so you can expand your range of options.

On the other hand, Memes with Phrases Stickers will offer you a portfolio of continuous stickers, which you have to send in bulk to make sense of the joke. All messages will now be more and more fun, thanks to these interactive stickers that everyone will like. The only negative detail is that you won't be able to save complete packs, but you'll have to share them first to collect them individually. Check it out now!

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4. Fake Chat Maker – WhatsMock

Other whatsapp prank app options include conversations. Fake Chat Maker will help you make fake conversation with your friends to send unreal screenshots. You just have to choose a fake contact and make a funny message to make everyone laugh. If you want to make your partner jealous, fake a fake message with suggestive things and emojis with double meanings, you will see that they get angry right away.

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3. Video per WhatsApp

Videos are also a fun way to make everyone laugh. Videos for WhatsApp offers you many funny, thematic and viral videos, including scary ones so that you can send them to your friends, family or share them through statuses. Search options among hundreds of categories or filter the results by your region, you will see that in seconds you will find the funny video you are looking for, standing out among WhatsApp prank apps.  

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2. JokesPhone – Prank calls

Prank calling is a classic. But now with WhatsApp you can make fun of all your contacts through voice or video calls, using a series of tips, tricks and funny jokes that this app offers you. Furthermore, you will find some audios that simulate voices and sounds to give more realism to your joke, being one of the apps for whatsapp jokes that you must download.

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1. Phrases and Statuses for everyone

Some sentences turn into jokes with double meanings. Phrases and Statuses will help you find many jokes using the world's most recognized phrases, ready to share with your contacts or through statuses. You don't need to search the internet or edit anything because with the category system offered by the app you will find hundreds of funny phrases to prank your friends, indispensable among whatsapp prank applications.

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With this whatsapp prank apps you can send funny memes, personalize whatsapp black, share funny videos, simulate fake conversations, make fake calls or capture unreal video calls. All this distributed among the different options and categories available in each app, so you will have to take a look at them individually to enjoy the exclusive functions they have for you.

Ad Applicationsfor.org we want to laugh with you, so we bring you a complete review of the funniest and most functional apps to prank all your friends through the most popular instant messenger of all. The only thing you need is to download them and immerse yourself in the different options and possibilities they have for you. You'll see how everyone will be laughing with you in just a moment. This was ours TOP 10 best WhatsApp prank apps.

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