11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

In Google Play we can find fantastic browser web per Android, some of which are much more complete or with original functions that we do not find in any of the four versions of Google Chrome available. Yet there are many of us who, sooner or later, always end up returning to the application developed by the great G, almost always for the convenience of cross-platform synchronization of history, bookmarks and passwords.

With over 1 billion installs via the app store, Google Chrome per Android continues to be the most used browser on the platform. However, many may not take full advantage of the application it can offer.

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Tricks in Google Chrome for 2021.

The best tricks to get the most out of Google Chrome on Android

For years, Google's web browser has been adding features and tools that, although in most cases they are advertised in style, in others they may go unnoticed and sooner or later be forgotten.

In addition, sometimes small ones are included hidden tricks or secrets with which to squeeze even more the capabilities of this powerful web browser. So today we wanted to look at some of these unknown features and hidden utilities available in Chrome.

Save time writing your information on web pages

As I said, one of the most obvious advantages of Google Chrome over other browsers for Android is its ability to sync. Through our Google account, the mobile version of the browser accesses all information available, so that you won't need to re-enter passwords or save bookmarks we had on other platforms.

But in addition to bookmarks, history and passwords, Google Chrome can store our address, to automatically enter data on those websites that request this information, for example when placing an order in a shop.

Adding a new address is as simple as access the browser settings and, in the “Addresses and more” section, click "Add address". Once all the data has been entered, the address will be stored and available for use the next time a website requests it.

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Quickly access the latest open tabs

One trick that seems to have gone unnoticed since Google introduced it to Chrome several months ago is the ability to access the list of recently closed pages via a long press on the "back" button.

Enlarge any page, even if it's not allowed

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Some web pages they avoid the ability to zoom in on the content using the classic pinch-to-zoom gestureHowever, Google Chrome for Android offers a way around this restriction.

You just need to access your browser settings and activate the option in the "Accessibility" section Force Zoom. Now it will be possible to expand the content of any web page.

Quickly switch between open tabs

For some time now, Google has been working to allow Chrome users to perform more and more actions via gestures. Some versions of the application already allow you to go forward or backward using gestures, and You can also switch between tabs by swiping left or right in the top toolbar.

Search for information about any word on a web

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Another of Google Chrome's lesser-known options - perhaps because it's quite hidden - but very useful, is the ability to perform quick searches on a specific word or phrase. All you have to do is do a long press on the text in question, and in the menu that will appear, access the advanced options via the three-dot icon, to choose one of the three available options: search the web, translate or search Wikipedia. .

Save web pages as PDF documents

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Although Chrome includes its own option to download web pages to access them offline, sometimes you want to save a "real" copy of a page, which can be shared with other people or simply sent to other devices. To do this it is enough export the page in question as a PDF file.

It's simple: you will have to go to the page in question, and from the options menu, click on "Share". Once inside, the "print" option is chosen, but instead of sending the file to a printer, we will select the "save as PDF" option. A detail to keep in mind is that not all web pages are optimized to be saved as PDF files.

Quickly find words or phrases on a page

The option for find exact words or phrases on a web page is one of the most useful features of Google's mobile browser. However, there is a trick to getting even more out of this feature.

When you perform a search, a vertical bar appears on the right side of the screen showing the number of times the searched words are displayed on the page. When scrolling on this bar, the browser itself will take us from one to the other much faster.

Completely silence annoying web pages

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Some pages include videos or audio files that play automatically when you visit them, a tactic that can be extremely annoying for users. Fortunately, there is a way around it.

Within Chrome's advanced settings, compare an option called "Website settings", where it is possible to change some aspects relating to the web pages we visit. One of them is Sound and within this option you can add exceptions, so that the web pages inserted in this section cannot reproduce sounds.

Take advantage of smart text selection with phones, addresses and more

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Smart text selection was introduced in the 8.0 Oreo version of the operating system, and Google Chrome was one of the first to adopt this useful feature. Thanks to it, selecting different types of specific text, such as phone numbers, addresses or emails, the browser will identify them as such and the quick actions menu will include direct access to your default phone, maps or application mail electronics. mail respectively.

Pick up where you left off with cross-platform syncing

Do you know that you can recover the open Chrome tabs on your mobile in the desktop version of the browser? It's as easy as going to the three-point options menu in top right and tap "History".

Once there, you will see both the latest web pages you have opened on your computer, either the ones you had open on your phone or on other devices you use Chrome on.

Quickly close open tabs

11 Cheats For Google Chrome: Get The Whole Game

Quickly close open tabs in Chrome.

You do not need to access the open tabs menu to be able to use them to close. All you have to do is perform a simple gesture like one long press on the tab button in the Chrome search bar and wait for a pop-up menu with the option to appear "Close tab". Much faster and easier.

These are some of the best tricks with which to use Chrome for Android. As the Google browser is updated frequently, new features and secrets appear from time to time, so we recommend that you bookmark this page to find out the best ways to get the most out of the most popular mobile browser.

On the other hand, there are many more secrets and hidden functions in the browser, within the Google Chrome “flag” menu, which we address in more detail in its corresponding article.

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