11 keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Web

11 keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Web

When we spend most of the day in front of our computer, certainly more than once we have had the web version of WhatsApp always open, so as not to have to constantly look at our mobile phone when they send us a message, but also constantly switching windows is annoying, so we they are some keyboard shortcuts for whatsapp web that will solve many problems.

Keyboard shortcuts they are used to perform quick actions and avoid further movements with the mouse, that is, we can perform various actions by pressing two or more keys on our keyboard. Next, we will show you 10 WhatsApp web keyboard shortcuts.

The WhatsApp Web keyboard shortcuts will be very useful to us on many occasions, but everything good always has some bad points, they are something to remember because some keyboard shortcuts require you to press more than three keys simultaneously.


When we open WhatsApp Web for the first time, it is synchronized with all the chats we had already opened on our mobile, but if we want create a new chat to start a conversation we will have to press the aforementioned keys.

In this way we will create a new chat that will ask us to search for contact with whom we want to start talking, by typing his name in the search field.


If instead what we want is create a new group we will have to press these keys, by pressing them the basic rules of the group will appear, that is we will have to choose the members of the group and the name.

It is a very useful function if we want to start adding many users, remember that you will not be able to exceed 250, but you can start there to create a large and faster group from WhatsApp Web.


With this shortcut we will directly access the WhatsApp web configuration menu in so we can make relevant changes, such as changing our profile picture, displaying the current theme, among other options.

A useful shortcut if what we want is to see the menu quickly without scrolling with the mouse and we access to see all the options that WhatsApp Web has.


With the previous shortcut we access the configuration menu, but with this new shortcut we can directly access our profile and information in such a way as to allow us to change our name or profile picture much faster.


With this shortcut, what we will get is open the WhatsApp web search box, that is, we can press these keys and automatically we can type everything we want to search in the web application.

Very useful if we want to search for the name of one of our contacts, or for example a group if we have several, it is a widely used shortcut.


Earlier we told you the keyboard shortcut to search all WhatsApp Web, but now with this we can only activate the search box in the chat that we opened.

Very useful when we have to look up something in the current conversation and therefore don't have to constantly navigate to find that old piece of conversation that you want.


We remind you that in WhatsApp we can block chats, or leave them anchored at the top of our chat window so that they are always in the first position.

Well, in WhatsApp Web we can do it with this keyboard shortcut, we will only have to press it when we have the chat we want to pin and it will automatically appear with the cone of a thumbtack.

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace or Delete key

If what we want is delete the current chat, we will only have to press these keys, when we do this a confirmation message will appear so that we can decide if we want to delete the chat or not.


With this shortcut we will archive the chat we currently have open, so that it will go to the list of archived chats and disappear from the main window of active chats.

Remember that an archived chat is not deleted but disappears from the main chat list and returns to it when a message is sent in that chat.


With this shortcut we can mute the chat, when we press it a new window will appear in which we will have to choose the period of time in which we want to silence it, when we silence a chat the notifications are not displayed on our mobile.


Another way we have to remember to read messages or WhatsApp is to mark them as "unread" so that a green dot appears in the chat to remind us that we have yet to read that chat.

It is very useful when they send us a message and we cannot read it at the moment, we will just have to mark it as unread and then we will know that we have to do it later.

These are all keyboard shortcuts you can do from WhatsApp Web, as you can see they are not few and they are a way to perform various actions avoiding many mouse clicks and without navigating through several consecutive menus.

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