4 Netflix Movies You Will Love If You Like Rocketman

4 Netflix Movies You Will Love If You Like Rocketman

I mass phenomena yes they take possession of movies and series from time to time, you want for some controversy on the title in question, you want because they managed to attract millions of people. In this case, Rocketman was, as was Bohemian Rhapsody, a demonstration of how vitaminize an autobiography. If you want quattro movie, available on Netflix Spain, which there talk about characters notes of ours culture, stay a few minutes with us.

The theory of everything

If you are passionate about science, and even if this were not the case, we are convinced that you will already know the figure of Stephen King, one of the biggest genes have been identified. area of physics, capable, even, of laughing at his degenerative disease until the end of his life. days. On this occasion, we will enter yours first years of university, With the ' onset of the disease, we will know his wife and we will discover a small portion of that immense ocean of knowledge, which was his brain.

  • Year 2014
  • Genre: biography
  • Approximate duration: 123 minutes

This is

one of the latest documentaries, in life, on the incredible figure of Michael Jackson, my favorite musical artist, saw the light more than a decade ago and shows us what it was like there preparation of the show which he would have represented in the English city of London. We will be able to know in depth how much it was meticulous in every minute of the show, we will get to know the artists that accompanied him and, finally, we will see one small preview of what would be the greatest show he had offered us.

  • Year 2009
  • Genre: documentary
  • Approximate duration: 111 minutes

The social network

If you add a careful script of the talented Aaron Sorkin and the direction of David Fincher to one of the most influential and controversial figures of our century, Mark Zuckerberg, you can get one of the fundamental movies to know what hides the personality of the creator and CEO of Facebook, among other companies, and how he managed to carve out a bright future, despite starting with a small computer in his room Harvard.

  • Year 2010
  • Drama
  • Approximate duration: 120 minutes

Extremely cruel, wicked and wicked

Zac Efron recites in a movie, with many controversy at the time of its premiere for the way it introduces us to a detestable serial killer, which tells the life of Ted Bundy, one of the worst human beings to ever walk the face of the earth, since point of view of his girlfriend Liz, which, despite the amount of clues to his personality, yes he refused to see the gruesome truth that he had in front of his eyes.

  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: biography
  • Approximate duration: 110 minutes

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