6 best applications to customize WhatsApp.

6 best applications to customize WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become a very important application for daily communication and interaction. This great support that this application has had lies in its simplicity, ease and the possibility of being able to share photos, videos, files and emoticons without complexity. There are also applications to customize WhatsApp. If you want to give this application a distinctive touch, read our next article.

WhatsApp is a of those applications that from using it so much it becomes part of your life. It's so important these days, that anyone who doesn't have it or loses it for some reason, becomes social incommunicado. This boom is worldwide. Its simplicity and ease of connection allow you to communicate almost anywhere in the world, just by having this application on your computer and an Internet connection.

There are also applications that allow you to improve certain functions of WhatsApp and although not all of them have the official support of the company, some allow some modifications that can be considered important. WhatsApp has maintained a certain policy of not overloading the application with functions, thus preventing it from becoming difficult to run and losing fluency. If you want to see the applications to improve WhatsApp, you are in the right place.

Applications to customize WhatsApp.

We will see the following applications to improve WhatsApp.

1.- WhatsApp wallpaper.

WhatsApp Wallpaper is an official WhatsApp extension app. It is a pack where you can change the background of your conversation with different themes, images and colors. It is very light and does not affect the functionality of the program. Its variety of images is large, for many tastes. The downside, for many, is that it didn't have background updates for many years, but was still downloaded by millions of people. And is that with this application you can use any image that you have in your gallery, it can be a photo or image that you like and identify you. More customization of your WhatsApp wallpaper is impossible. And so you don't need to refresh the background library as you can use your own gallery.

Download it on Google Play

2.- Save state.

Status Saver is an application produced by AKA Apps Media that allows you to save the status of your contacts and download them to your device. It's very easy and intuitive. It's not heavy and allows you to do the same in WhatsApp Business. You can make multiple selections at once to save or share. Fast installation and fast status download.

Downloading images and videos is really fast. And it doesn't affect the functionality of WhatsApp or the equipment. It has been widely accepted, and while there are many similar applications, advertising and slowdowns affect them. But Status Saver it's not the case.

They have had recent updates to improve performance with the user which shows dedication and seriousness in the application. This application has no official connection with WhatsApp.

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Download it on Google Play

3.- Elegant text.

With this Application you can change the font style not only of WhatsApp, but of all the features of your phone and of any messaging application you have installed. It has over 100 built-in font styles and gives you the ability to create your own custom font style.

This application is very good, it has a style bubble for quick interaction, which you can turn on or off as you like. You can change styles without leaving your program and it won't slow down your computer. The elegant text it is light weight, without much weight so as not to affect memory. It has been widely accepted based on the number of reviews, star ratings and downloads. This application has no official connection with WhatsApp.

Download it on Google Play

4.- ChatLock+.

ChatLock + gives you the ability to block and secure all messaging apps you have on your device, including WhatsApp. It works through a password that you configure yourself. You can have total control of your messages without the fear of your messages being spied on. Safe messages. Its interface is simple and fast. Very easy to use. It doesn't weigh much or use that much of your memory resource.

You also have the option to set the device to take a photo when someone enters the wrong password. So you can see who wanted to spy on you. A good feeling. This application has been widely accepted for its ease of use and not affecting the speed of your computer. And, of course, the security it offers. Its size is just over 3 Mega. This application has no official connection with WhatsApp.

Download it on Google Play

5.- Cleaner for WhatsApp.

With this application you can delete from your computer all those files that you have generated from WhatsApp that you consider irrelevant or that are not important to you. With this it helps you to have more space available in your storage. You can delete input files, output files and even hidden files that just take up space and are of no use to you at all.

This Application allows you to create a backup copy of what you delete, if you wish, and to carry out periodic cleanings configured according to your needs, by time or by storage limit.

It's a great application that saves storage space on your computer, is easy to run, and gives you a lot of control over your files, with its neat and segmented previews. You can choose what to delete and what to archive. It's very fast, doesn't slow down your computer, and is lightweight. It has great reviews and ratings. This application has no official connection with WhatsApp.

Download it on Google Play

6.- Without Harvest.

This application without clipping it is used to add photos and images to your WhatsApp profile without having to crop it. It is an automatic editor where you can perfect your photos before uploading them to WhatsApp. It works for this messenger and other social networks like Instagram. The program works as follows:

Download No Crop, then choose a photo and upload it to the app. The application takes care of framing it and positioning the edges so you don't have to cut it. Save this new photo. Open WhatsApp and choose the new edited photo, and that's it. Very easy and practical. This application is quite simple and has little weight. It has been downloaded many times, which indicates its acceptance, and its comments are generally very good. It's well rated. This application has no official connection with WhatsApp.

Download it on Google Play

From what you've noticed, there are tons of applications that you can download to customize WhatsApp. Many of them generate errors when downloading or do not fulfill the function for which they were created. Others are very heavy or consume a lot of storage resources, which slows down your computer. We have chosen these 6 applications based on people's comments and ratings, the number of downloads tested and their weight in memory. And of course its functionality, simplicity of execution and convenience in doing the job.

Most of these applications have received frequent and recent updates, which ensures that they do not lose their function over time or become obsolete. You can try any of the ones on our list, they are easy to install and uninstall, have no hidden costs, and are free. Or you can try them all if you want. Depending on your need, these apps add more features to your WhatsApp. And the space to use is small.

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