8 major fashion appliances for Google Play free download

Fashion, in addition to being a vain expression, is part of it of individual and collective identity of the human being; It varies depending on the culture and social context to which we belong. However, due to globalization it is possible to follow the trends as they show fashion apps.

And it is that many supermodels, celebrities and prestigious designers they found that one of the best ways to reach many users is through use of fashion and style apps, with shops, open forums and more, advising how to combine looks and new trends.

Therefore, the fashion world is full of information and trends that in one way or another reach users. Thanks to the fashion apps offered by Google Play, it's possible buy, combine, sell, wearing looks of different styles and get to know the Word fashion events.

These are the best free fashion apps for Android

Your dressing style doesn't matter: sporty, casual, elegant or avant-garde; These fabulous applications are instruments precious to learn how to match pieces, know what's trending, know shops, places, prices, people with the same tastes and in this way learn how to watch according to the occasion.

What to dress

8 major fashion appliances for Google Play free download

Your digital wardrobe accompanies you wherever you go

It is an application where you can have a virtual wardrobe available, you just have to take a picture of each piece of clothing you have available in your closet and that's it. Also, you can organize them by colors, models, marche and season. This will logically make everything easier when getting dressed, especially when you don't know what to wear or what to buy.

Likewise, you will be able to create high-level combinations for everyday use by ordinary people e design cabinets inspired by the latest trends in fashion and style. It is free and available for Android devices.


8 major fashion appliances for Google Play free download

Ideas to dress up your clothes

With Chicisimo you can learn how to create countless amazing combinations for any moment, saving lots of other girls' looks to help you organize your wardrobe at the same time share your style to inspire other followers.

You will find the fashion for everyday use, style Zara on Topshop and fabulous ideas from different brands to combine pants, dresses, coats, shoes and other clothes.

Chicisimo will be your guide when it comes to buying clothes, at the search di online stores for women, expensive or cheap. Best of all, you can create your own albums for organize all your looks.

Bantoa: outfit, look and fashion

8 major fashion appliances for Google Play free download

Create your new look and shop the latest trends

With Bantoa you can choose footwear and clothing of trend in various recognized online stores, searching by size, type of event, season and style. Also, some fashion followers will give you plenty of options to get yours look ideale for every situation.

As if that weren't enough, the collections of footwear, clothing and accessories they are chosen by the community. So don't waste your time and register for free, create a profile and find every day new outfits. The app will warn you about items on sale and when you visit the stores you will get coupons with special discounts.

Watch a book

8 major fashion appliances for Google Play free download

App to explore fashion and style trends

In Lookbook you will find collections in which i bloggers shape trendy looks for a month or a season, providing fabulous fans ideas on the latest fashion.

Thanks to this app you can get new brands, see upcoming trends and share outfits with other members. With Lookbook you will discover your style, you dress according to the occasion, articles and store accessories innovative.

21 buttons

8 major fashion appliances for Google Play free download

The social network of fashion and trends

The design of this app is similar to what it includes Instagram ; here any user can post photos and insert links of the clothes she wears. Also, you can mention, for example, prices, colors, and the shop where you bought the items so that others can visit the mentioned shops.

Through 21 Buttons you can choose between variety of styles, those that suit your tastes and buy them directly in the stores indicated therein, all this without having to search in many online stores.


Do you want to be cool and earn at the same time? Do you want buying and selling clothes in good condition, second-hand? If you answered yes to both questions, this app is for you. Take a picture, create videos, publish them providing item details, set the price and the application will sell for you.

You pay no commissions and you can do a package with multiple items. Plus, you can transfer your profits to a bank account or use PayPal without incurring any additional costs. Create your own profile with your sizes, brands and people you follow. In the catalog you will find offers of various styles and in the app for many friends.


Excellent application that represents the Spanish company Zara, internationally recognized for the production and sales di clothing of excellent quality at competitive prices for women, men and children.

Offers updated collections, bar reader, images of the garment with details on sizes, composition, reference number and precautions during the washing and ironing. Also includes videos and photos of the brand's latest campaigns. Also, you can make purchases and receive them at home or in a nearby shop.

Smart wardrobe

Considered a leader in fashion app and style in clothing, footwear, bags, purses and other accessories. With it you can buy in stores around the world, offers you information on fashion shops and recommends the closest ones.

You will receive information on new stores, discounts and gifts specials granted by more than 750 brands and design shops. You will be able to modify the garments to classify them by brand, category, prices and other details; choose clothes among many brands for adapt your wardrobe to your style with trendy garments.

As you will see, the fashion world it is so fascinating and versatile that through these and many others fashion app you can select, buy, sell or design your own style by creating a unique look and learning to create a look for any occasion.

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