8 reasons from Google for your next mobile to be a pixel

Google knows that you may be looking for a new mobile and has a very interesting proposal to make in this regard. If you want to get it right by choosing your next terminal, according to Google, you should stop looking for it and pay attention to what it tells you. Your new mobile has a first and last name: Google Pixel.

And it is that Google wants to convince you that buying one of their phones is the best option. For this it gives you 8 good reasons that demonstrate the incredible benefits that the Pixel will bring into your life and that we feel is appropriate to share with you (you never know).

8 reasons from Google why your next mobile will be a Pixel

8 reasons from Google for your next mobile to be a pixel

The invaluable help of the Google Assistant

Google used the opinion of 8 real users of its Pixels to give you those good reasons we were talking about. In this first video, the protagonist believes that a great advantage of these phones is that Google Assistant is always there to help you, even when you need me to help you pass all your information from the services you used before to those of Google.

Pixel, a mobile to be different

Lizette likes to be a unique and different person and feels her old phone was a fad. Fortunately, the Pixel allowed you to start a new path thanks to its different functions. For example, by simply squeezing the bottom edges of the phone, the wizard pops up on the screen to help you in any way possible.

The quality of the cameras ensured

Google reigns supreme in photography, which is why its camera system is one of the more powerful aspects of the Pixel. Obviously, the company is taking advantage of their success to convince you to switch to their phones. So did Sean, director and star of the next video, that is switched to the Pixel after hearing about the quality of its cameras. "I couldn't have made a better choice," says Sean, who calls the phone's camera system "cool."

The powerful battery you need

When looking for a new phone, you are sure to analyze what each model's battery can offer you. This isn't a problem with the Pixel, either it can last perfectly all day on a single charge. Also, as Marcus points out in the following video, with fast charging you can get a good percentage of the battery with just 15 or 20 minutes of charging.

A night mode like no other

Google's spectacular night mode, called Night Sight, arrived on all Pixels in November 2018. Since then, this is one of the factors that should encourage you to buy any of the models. In Kris's case, after uploading some photos taken at night with her Pixel to Instagram, the they even asked if they were taken with a DSLR.

Everything you are looking for is in the Pixel

If you have used an Android phone up to now, the normal thing is that you are already used to using Google services such as Gmail. The Pixel allows you to continue using those applications that you already manage perfectly, as well as offering you a powerful battery and software with the latest features. In short, the Pixel has everything you are looking for in a mobile phone.

You will not notice the change on the new mobile

Tim feared switching from his old cell phone to the Pixel would be a difficult change. However, remembering your old phone, you remember that you had to download apps like Maps or Gmail. This didn't happen with your new Pixel, that it already has all the Google apps you use every day. In addition, thanks to the fingerprint reader on the back, unlocking the phone is easier than ever for the protagonist of the video.

Endless storage for your professional photos

Taking high-quality photos and videos often leads to an unwanted message that warns you about the limited space on your phone. Such a problem does not exist if you have a Pixel mobile in your hands, since offer you unlimited storage space in Google Photos. Therefore, you won't have to worry about deleting content or transferring it to other storage systems, everything will be in Google Photos.

Software, battery, camera (and its night mode), storage space, applications… Google Pixels have everything you need in a mobile phone and Google wanted to show it to you with these 8 good reasons provided by the users themselves. As always, the final decision is up to you.

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