All the reasons why WhatsApp can ban your account and how to avoid it

As with any other service, WhatsApp yes reserves the right to ban or close the accounts of its users in case of violation of the rules defined in its terms of use. Many of these rules, however, are unknown to the vast majority of people who use the app.

Sometimes, moreover, some people whose WhatsApp accounts have been suspended they claim that it is an unjustified closure, having apparently not violated any of the rules of the service. However, in such a case, it is usually possible to recover the deleted WhatsApp account.

Today we want to review the reasons that can lead WhatsApp to cancel or close an account, temporarily or permanently.

All the reasons why WhatsApp can ban your account and how to avoid it

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As I said, WhatsApp has two types of account "bans": temporary and permanent. In the first case the accounts are temporarily suspended, and after a while they are available again.

In the event of a permanent ban, the account is suspended indefinitely and you cannot register a new one using the same phone number.

According to data shared by WABetaInfo, these are, if not all, the reasons why WhatsApp may suspend your account:

  • Temporary prohibitions:
    • Using unauthorized versions of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp or other unofficial WhatsApp apps.
    • Create a large number of groups with people who don't have your phone number saved.
    • Send large numbers of messages to people who don't have your phone number saved.
    • Send a large number of messages to a broadcast list.
    • Send the same message to a large number of people (although WhatsApp can't access its content, it might consider it spam).
    • A large number of people have blocked you.
  • Permanent prohibitions:
    • Your account has been temporarily banned repeatedly.
    • Perform automated or batch actions, such as sending messages or creating groups automatically.
    • The phone number associated with the account was used to carry out suspicious or illegal activities.
    • It abuses the functioning of the service, for example, by sending a large number of messages in a very short period of time (via bots or automated actions).
    • The account has received a considerable number of reports or complaints from other users of the service.

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp does not promise to warn users before suspending their accounts, and it is possible that overnight some people will no longer be able to use the application for one of the above reasons.

Fortunately, most people do use WhatsApp in a "normal" way they won't have any problems with bans of any kind, unless they abuse the service's functions in some way. Therefore, the best way to prevent your WhatsApp account is suspended is not to break company rules and use the application normally.

And, in case your account has been unjustly canceled, you can always contact the WhatsApp support service to try to get help and recover your account.

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