Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos

Beyond the YouTube video portal is life or more specifically, a variety of options that you can rely on to watch videos as well as upload videos and earn money without the nasty censorship that has long been rampant on YouTube. Now, however, many are unaware of these interesting options for watching videos online and for this, in Practical Resources we wanted to make known the different alternatives to YouTube to watch videos or earn money so that they know them, use them and spread them as good alternatives to have options that always come in handy to promote competition (we assure you that some of the list do not know them).

* By the way, it might interest you: how to download YouTube videos for free and without programs …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 1: BitChute

First, we want to introduce the video hosting service called BitChute, which uses peer-to-peer technology and where you can find opinion videos, rather than a dissident or critical community, as well as educational and broadcast videos, mysteries and other things that are worth reviewing and that little by little the community in Italian has grown and its diffusion will depend on everyone to strengthen it and, by the way, it does not have much censorship and it has the possibility of earning money. Create a BitChute account here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 2: DailyMotion

Secondly, the video portal needs to be mentioned DailyMotion which surely some of you already know and which currently would be the best alternative to YouTube to watch videos and/or earn money, since it has many videos in Italian and a fairly large community in our language but beyond that and as an incentive, you can find videos that are practically not found on YouTube, try it and promote this alternative. Create a DailyMotion account here…>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 3: Vimeo

Now, and another pretty cool option to compare, is Video Portal Vimeo, which would be the artistic brother of YouTube, as here you can find quite aesthetic, elegant and beautiful audiovisual productions made by a community that appreciates good craftsmanship and quality. in the videos. It has some payment plans and the ability to earn money with suggestions from other users. Create a Vimeo account here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 4: LiveLeaks

A slightly more clandestine option, to say the least, is the well-known English portal LiveLeak in which different users gather to express their opinions, get information and watch videos of world events uploaded by registered members in different parts of the world and that It would be very difficult to watch them without restrictions on other video services or on television. You know, if you have a good stomach you can participate, watch and disseminate this video platform. Create a LiveLeak account here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 5: contraction

Could not miss… Recently, the video streaming service platform called Twitch has entered the scene with great force, where all the fans of online games gather who appreciate seeing the exploits, tactics and all behind the scenes of the players show their prowess with classic and current games. If you are a gamer, this portal is the ideal one for you and in addition to that, it has the possibility of being able to earn money, which is not bad at all. Create a Twitch account here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 6: Yandex videos

In the frozen Russian lands, there is a very popular search engine called Yandex and which counts as any large search engine with some services such as Yandex mail, Yandex map, translator and Yandex video, among other things. Well, the service Yandex videos it is a kind of video collector or search engine of different Russian video services, websites and social networks ( videolika) and because of this you can find some pretty interesting stuff. It doesn't require a registration to watch the videos and you can find some stuff in Italian but most of the content is in Russian or English. Insert Yandex video here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 7: Metacafè

Some will know, some will not… The truth is that the site Metacafe has a long history and has nothing to envy to YouTube or other video portals, since it has a large community and there is a large or diverse number of videos to watch and in addition, with the possibility of earning money with videos that can be uploaded and if you have facilities with English, it could be a great option to use. Enter Metacafè here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 8: RuTube

Another option from the frosty Russian lands is the video portal RuTube, which would be the Russian option for the YouTube video portal (you know, Russians always have their own alternative to everything). Primarily, it is aimed at the Russian-speaking community and has user creations and some corporate-licensed programs. Now, RuTube is in Russian language and it can be a bit difficult to use… However, you can find things in Italian and if you like the Russian world, it can be a great opportunity to approach this service. Create a RuTube account here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 9: DTube

Now, an interesting proposition and that could be the beautiful girl who will come on the heels of YouTube in the future could be DTube, a decentralized website based on Blockchain (cryptocurrency) and P2P (Torrent) technology that has a very similar interface to YouTube and moreover, it has no censorship, annoying advertising and pays directors with Steem (cryptocurrency). To have an account, you need to register on Steemit (social network where you publish content and earn money) and with it you can already have your DTube account. Insert DTube here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 10: I was

On the other hand, music lovers will be able to opt for a well-known platform called Vevo where many prominent artists and musicians have accounts and upload their works so that those interested can enjoy their fair share of music videos. Note here that if they wish they can access the Vevo channel on YouTube where they can also see this music content. Enter Vevo here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 11: see

Another alternative to YouTube that is worth considering when you want to watch videos is Veoh, an interesting option for watching long videos, because in Veoh you can upload videos without length or time restrictions, which can be an incentive for many filmmakers who would simply need to create an account to upload their content. Enter Veoh here…>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 12Maker Studios

One notable option on this list is one that belongs to none other than Disney and is known as Maker Studios where those interested can see videos of different or very broad themes. Now, this project was born with the aim of being the support or incubator to promote creative talents and also attract YouTubers by offering revenue from fixed advertising concepts and, even if it's not easy, be one of them. Join Maker Studios here…>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 13: IGTV

Couldn't miss or fail to mention IGTV the Instagram TV service which can be a great opponent for YouTube, given that Instagram users exceed one billion and with it can be an excellent support for this alternative to bear fruit. Well, IGTV is a vertical video app available for iOS and Android that allows every user to have a channel and upload videos from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes if it is verified or attracts a lot of attention and so far it doesn't show the annoying advertising like other services .

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 14: livestream

The next option, call Live Stream, is not widely known, however it is a possibility that allows users to view and broadcast live video using a camera and computer and the Internet, but it is also possible to view delayed video. It is a fascinating option when you want to watch videos of conferences, concerts, discussions or events that are held and shown to the world with this video streaming system. Join the Live Stream here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 15: PeerTube

If you write about alternatives to YouTube for watching videos, the Open Source project called PeerTube, which consists of a P2P-based streaming video platform, born just a few months ago and well received by Internet users who - rightly - ask for alternatives to YouTube. Well, at the moment it doesn't have a big video bank and its interface is in English and French, however, this could change as its community grows, it starts to be used and we help to spread and use it. works with WebTorrent technology. Enter PeerTube here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 16: Flickr

Surely it seems strange to you that among the alternatives the well-known image bank called Flickr. Well, and yet, registered users can not only upload photos, as they also have the ability to upload and share video creations with Flickr users that have a maximum duration of 90 seconds and can be homemade creations reaching some artistic and audiovisual productions which can be a pleasure to behold. Create a Flickr account here or Access the Flickr video here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 17: Facebook

It is possible that some do not take it into account or perhaps do not consider it an option… But the truth is that the service Facebook video can be a great alternative to YouTube to watch videos and then spend time enjoying some viral video or, one of those informative videos (contingency), tutorials or from any area that uploads or spreads a contact or, group or page that is being followed on this social network. Create a Facebook account here …>>

Alternatives to YouTube to watch videos | Option No. 18: Amazon Tube

Last but not least, we leave an alternative that has not yet materialized or has not yet become a reality, but nevertheless it is the big bet of the giant Amazon and which consists of Amazon Tube, an interesting promise that has been suspiciously fulfilled. in private and that they can seriously compete with YouTube. We will see if this ambitious project will become a reality in the future.

Finally, there are many options or alternatives to YouTube to watch videos, upload videos and earn money. Certainly missing some that are not very well known or used in the Western world, as well as social networks or applications such as Twitter, Vkontakte, Vine, Periscope or among others, where you can actually watch videos… As you will see, the list can be much broader and the idea is to spread them. Do you know of any other YouTube alternatives?

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