Apple Quarterly Accounts: The Mac is back

Despite the pandemic, despite the stores closed, despite the fact that this year's new range of iPhones went on sale at the end of the quarter, despite everything, Apple presented record results for the quarter before Christmas.

Sure, the figures for all divisions are staggering - even with iPhone sales dropping - 20% from the same quarter last year.

Apple posted quarterly sales of $ 64,7 billion. 59% of quarterly sales were made by Apple outside the United States.

These are the net sales by category:
• iPhone: $ 26.444 milioni
• Services: $ 14.549 million
• Mac revenue: $ 9.032 million
• Wearables, Home and Accessories: $ 7.876 million
• iPad: $ 6.797 million

Revenues from the iPhone division were $ 26,8 billion, down 20% from the same quarter last year.

Mac division revenue was $ 9 billion, with growth 29%.

The revenues of the iPad division were $ 6,8 billion, with a growth of 46%.

The services had revenues of $ 14,5 billion, with an increase of 16%.

Wearables contributed 7,9 billion, in growth of 20,8%.

Apple Quarterly Accounts: The Mac is back

In addition to the Mac, the resurgence of the iPad, which had remained stable for many quarters, is noteworthy. Clearly, the “work from home” trends have been so influential that home users prefer a Mac for work - as well as upgrading their old computers - and an iPad as a companion for students, leisure and entertainment.

For comparison, the rest of the big tech companies also announced strong results (source):

In the third quarter A it made revenues for 14.173 million dollars (12.149 million euros)

Facebook, for its part, announced revenues for the quarter of $ 18.687 million (€ 16.011 million)

Microsoft, announced that between July and September it had revenues of $ 37.154 million (€ 31.557 million)

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