Apple's ARMED tonearm: price and power

Yesterday the Apple keynote "One more thing" was everything a good spectator of Apple events could hope for: new equipment (albeit without redesign of the casings, which will have to be left for the second generation), maximum power and an unexpected cccccc 's twist - price improvement. Something that is always new at Apple: Substantial price reductions *

While it is clear that Intel chips accounted for a large part of the price of computers, only when the final price was revealed were we unaware of the impact it will have on both financial accounts (at Apple for what is saved and at Intel for what is saved. what it loses) that Apple is manufacturing its system on a chip (we already said in its day that the new Apple computers would not be ARM).

We all expected an almost endless stream of examples where Apple's new architecture is far better than Apple's old architecture and, of course, far more future than the outdated Intel-based machine proposition.

It is conceivable that the recalls of manufacturers such as Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, etc. to Intel asking what they will do now that Apple has a more modern, faster… and cheaper product!

It should be remembered that in the latest results presented by Apple, just a few weeks ago, Mac family sales increased by an impressive 35% ($ 9 million ($ XNUMX billion in the same quarter a year earlier), mainly due to sales of laptops.

Apple's ARMED tonearm: price and power

Of course, we have yet to see how they perform in real life, and surely there are commitments and resignations along this path that will prove insurmountable for some. But the video Apple showed of developers praising Rossetta 2's ability to translate apps into binary code (i.e. working on both Intel Macs and Mac M1s) allows us to be moderately optimistic about how fast it will be. new architecture and system efficiency to run emulations.

If we add convergence so that applications developed for iOS can be used on computers running macOS, which would result in Apple computers having - potentially - the largest software library in the world and in history, the future of desktop computing could enter. into a new era.

In short, a very pleasant surprise that Apple has reserved for us to close a year that, in general, everyone has archived it on the shelf as "finish soon".

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Yesterday we commented on everything live:

  • In my opinion it is something temporary and as the years go by and there are only Apple chips in its range, the prices will rise again to the level they are now… I hope I'm wrong.

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