Apple's portable devices, catalysts for the triumph of mobility

That Apple is a company whose main strength is innovation is no secret. Since revolutionizing the world of personal computers in the 80s, the company founded by Steve Jobs has not ceased to amaze with each new version. And in terms of mobility, Apple has managed to make life easier for many people. Read on and you will find out how their leading portable devices have transformed many lives.

Macbook, for teleworking from anywhere imaginable

Apple's portable devices, catalysts for the triumph of mobility

Weighing in at just 1kg maximum, the Macbook notebook range lets you take the office with you wherever you go. As more and more companies require their employees to telecommute, Macbooks make this new reality possible smoothly and without a hitch. Its high-resolution displays and off-road batteries enable extraordinary performance for all kinds of purposes. Furthermore, its mobility could be improved in the coming months, with the launch of a new range of ultra-light MacBook notebooks.

The iPhone, to operate on the financial markets without limitations

A lot has happened since the launch of the first iPhone model in 2007. The application revolution was on its way. Little by little, over the years, entire sectors have completely transformed. And, among these, that of finance stands out above all. Thanks to the efforts of leading brokers today  investing in shares through online platforms. And it's not just apps that are behind the success of Apple phones among investors. Features like real-time price notifications, always at your fingertips, are largely responsible for adopting the iPhone as a key tool in more and more people's financial operations. And is that, before the arrival of the apple smartphone revolution, doing all this was a science fiction thing!

The iPad Pros, a graphic designer's delight

Apple's portable devices, catalysts for the triumph of mobility

The unique features of the iPad Pro tablet range delight graphic designers. First of all, because they offer a huge quality screen that goes up to 12,9 inches. Secondly, because they include a pencil loaded with features that allows you to obtain results that were unthinkable until recently. And all this with a state-of-the-art processor, accompanied by an innovative graphics processing unit, to process three-dimensional creations. The icing on the cake are the graphic design applications created specifically for this platform.

The Apple Watch, for those who need to live hyper-connected

Apple's portable devices, catalysts for the triumph of mobility

Apple's smartwatches, the Apple Watch, have turned the world of mobility upside down. Its launch allowed to be connected at all times and with maximum comfort. It is a must for outdoor sports enthusiasts. For example, we can go out for a run and record all the data of our races in real time, knowing at all times if our heart rate is functioning normally. And it's also a great tool for those who don't want to miss a single notification in their digital life, thanks to the versatile and complex notification system that Apple Watch presents.

The Evolution of Mobile Technology: Where Are We Going?

Apple's portable devices, catalysts for the triumph of mobility

The definitive deployment of the revolutionary 5G mobile networks and the continuous miniaturization of the chips of portable devices opens horizons that still border on science fiction. But the truth is, the future of mobile technology is already here, at least for the company led by Tim Cook. Apple, true to its pioneering spirit, does not want to be left behind and is already planning new solutions.

Thus, for example, their efforts to embark on the conquest of augmented reality stand out. It also continues to work on its ambitious project to create smart glasses, a challenge after the great fiasco that Google launched (perhaps prematurely) to the market. And, while less surprising, the launch of an iPhone model that squeezes all the game out of the implementation of 5G mobile networks is just around the corner.

In short, Apple has transformed the technological mobility sector like few companies. From their Macbook laptops to telecommuting to their iPhone phones to operate in the markets, through their iPad Pro tablets for graphic design tasks or their Apple Watch watches for playing sports, the truth is that there is no conceivable niche that hasn't been covered by those of Copertino. A firm commitment to technology and mobility that delights users.

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