In a globalized world, where the privacy is no longer a right, if not a privilege, let's see how day after day we manage to freedom in terms of privacy and WhatsApp does not is a clear example.

WhatsApp is l '  instant messaging app most used al world with almost 5.000 millions of downloads su Google Play. The truth is that despite being a very useful app, has always been the subject of controversy regarding the privacy, since more than one of us the double blue check has left us with our asses in the air on more than one occasion. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, you will hear situations where some heavy friend sent you a WhatsApp, You saw it and for one reason or another you didn't answer, it may be that you didn't feel like it, or that you were busy at the time, the fact is that the whatsapp statuses for friends they are quite curious because although we weren't connected, the double blue check indicated that the message had reached us and, above all, that…. we had read it, arousing anger and misunderstandings. Fortunately, the company, after many complaints, has given us the opportunity to configure whatsapp both on android that of IOS to override this option.

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Another source of contention in this one mobile application was a chance to see the «Last connection», this generated many misunderstandings between friends, since you could know the time your friend was with his WhatsApp online, fortunately one Once again, the company has done its duty and has given us the opportunity to put an end to this situation, giving us a little more coverage in terms of privacy.

Okay, so if WhatsApp Is it something more intimate, is there anything I should be concerned about?

Friend, worry, no, but you still haven't realized that what can't be hidden yet is yours whatsapp status «online», because if we want some privacy and we don't want anyone to know that we're connected at that moment, there's no way to hide it.

How can I then connect without being seen? It exists an application for WhatsApp which allows me to connect without showing the whatsapp status to friends?

Yes there is an application to not appear online on WhatsApp,  in this way we can enter without anyone seeing us and see the last messages they have left us and absolutely no one will know of our presence, today at El Poder Del Androide Verde we will see how it works.

This application to hide our WhatsApp status is called Hide For Whatsapp and it works really well, even if the application is a bit boring because we have to accept certain permissions. The reason is that this  application to not appear online on WhatsApp,  create a shortcut to be able to access via  Hide For WhatsApp, in our account and read our messages in a ninja plan without anyone knowing who we are online are whatsapp.

How to install Hide for Whatsapp?

Install Hide per Whatsapp it's very simple, we just have to follow these steps:

1.- Download Hide per Whatsapp from here

2.- Let's run it, a window will open with several steps, we must accept the permissions, which will serve as a shortcut to connect from Hide For Whatsapp to our favorite instant messaging account.

        We must accept the authorizations for the arrival of the SMS

3.- Once the authorization requests have been accepted, the Whatsapp it will send us to settings so we can turn on notifications Hide for WhatsApp.

4.- Are you ready! Each time we receive a message, we will receive the notification at two o'clock mobile applications, being able to enter our favorite messaging account if we want them to see us connected or in Hide For Whatsapp to see the SMS without anyone knowing that we have seen them.

What do you think about this program to hide whatsapp online?, you can write me in the comments.

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