Because we would like to see a Noklia Lumia in 2020

Years ago, the battle to dominate the mobile phone market was fought between three operating systems. Android led by Google, Apple's iOS and a third party, Microsoft's Windows Phone. Unfortunately Microsoft has been defeated and it is that despite having a stable and smooth operating system and fantastic terminal designs thanks to the good work of Nokia, the lack of applications compared to its competition and therefore of users, was the cause of its disappearance.

Because we would like to see a Noklia Lumia in 2020

Now, no one can deny that the leading phones with Microsoft's operating system, the Nokia Lumia, were wonderful devices. Beyond its incredible features and performance, the design of these was fantastic with some really distinctive colors that many genuinely lack.

If we asked you last week if you would like to see a Nexus 5 again with hardware adapted to 2020, how much would you pay to see a Nokia Lumia again this year 2020?

A characteristic design that remains inimitable to this day

Because we would like to see a Noklia Lumia in 2020

Elegant designs, bright colors, curved bezels… there were few hallmarks of the Nokia Lumia. In an age where smartphones look almost identical to each other, a phone like the Lumias of yesteryear would surely be a breath of fresh air.

Obviously we can't even forget its characteristic software, that is, in addition to the famous squares that would be perfectly adaptable to an Android interface (we know something impossible, since Microsoft bought the Lumia brand but dreaming ...), the Windows Phone and therefore i Lumia were the first phones with dark mode and wireless charging. Some ahead of their time.

A camera that still continues to fight today

Qualify. Obviously there were Lumia phones of different prices and specifications, but the top of the range of the Finnish brand were a prodigy in terms of photography. For example, the Lumia 1020's camera was compared to current phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note10 +, confirming that a 2013 phone can put a late-2019 high-end on the ropes.

A new Nokia Lumia with a photographic section like those of the past? We sign where necessary.

It is always good that Nokia is a major brand

Because we would like to see a Noklia Lumia in 2020

In the history of mobile telephony, there are many brands that have left their mark. For example Motorola for being the company that launched the world's first mobile phone or Nokia itself, for being the company that made mobile phones popular.

Years ago, long before the advent of Android, Nokia was one of the leading companies in the industry. Virtually everyone had a Nokia phone, no matter how affordable it was. They were beautiful, tough, and fairly well builtWhat's more, surely more than one of you has Nokia phones stored in an almost new closet despite having been used for years.

So, we are always happy when a brand is good, no matter what it is. We believe that the more brands to choose from, the better it is for the user. That's why we want Sony and HTC to return to the top, and that is why we would like Nokia to re-emerge as a "top" brand with its Nokia Lumia as a bulwark.

And you, would you like to review a Nokia Lumia in 2020?

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