Can't Vote in Instagram Polls - Solution

Since social networks appeared, they have progressively evolved and adapted to each of our lives, social networks are used for different purposes, both to communicate with family or friends who are not neighbors, and to develop digital content, post images, videos, etc. Among these social networks we find Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and one of the largest, Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the favorite platforms of content developers, its main function is to allow its users to develop content and interact within the application, uploading content such as photos, videos, reels, temporary or featured stories, all of these work with the added bonus that you can edit them with Instagram's filter shop.

Since 2010 when it came out, this platform was a photographic tool, but over time it has evolved and become the largest visual social network to the world, with its amazing and creative functions, this has led them to be Many people who love Instagram, it is fun to be able to interact with their posts or stories, where we can comment, ask questions and vote.

Can't Vote in Instagram Polls - Solution

How Instagram polls work

The social network of the moment about photography and video has reached a greater reach and offers a way to improve the user experience of the application; For this, surveys are created, a tool that can be useful for consulting your audience (in the case of a business or business) or to see what your friends and family are thinking about a topic.

To be able to create a poll on Instagram you must first open the application and go to upload a story; being there you select the photo or background you are about to take, then open the stickers tab and click on the poll. Now, to fill in the survey put the question to be consulted, then put the answer options you want (both in number and in interpretation).

It should be noted that i polls can only be posted in your Stories, not as a post; then they will have a maximum duration of 24 hours in your account; It also allows you to ask simple questions with only two answer options, such as 'yes and no' or compare between one thing and another.

Surveys not only allow a person to decide, but you can share curious data with them, ask questions to see how prepared your audience is, evaluate it and other ways; Therefore, this tool was a tremendous success for companies and companies already established globally.

Poll Results

Once you have the vote available you can do it without any problem, both how to vote and vote on your Instagram stories, you can also manage them, this can be done when you want to check who has seen your stories, if we enter this option we will be able to see a small menu in which we will show the result of both options and who of our followers voted for the options.

The results of the vote will be available 24 hours in where the published story is in effect, so you can review it and be aware of your findings.

Can't Vote in Instagram Polls - Solution

How to vote on an Instagram story

It is very easy to participate in an Instagram poll or story. We will teach you a simple methodology that is applied equally for all devices and versions of the app.

  1. Open your Instagram and go to a story with a poll
  2. There hold the screen to stop the story
  3. You have read the question and answer options
  4. Then you just have to press the alternative you consider based on the question
  5. Done, your vote will be recorded automatically

Why can't I vote?

Instagram has one of the most attractive and interesting features for its users, which are their stories, these are widely used by those who use the platform a lot, in it we have a variety of options to use, both like reposting a story, just the same way, it works like removing messages replying to you in Instagram Stories.

One of these functions are the surveys, through them we can ask anything to the people who see our stories, this is widely used when making dynamics, since seeing the answers of these surveys is very simple, at the time of doing then, we can just launch the survey or even use the voting option, where we can enter two options for our followers to give their opinion.

How to fix this app problem

However, there are occasions when we suffer from a problem with Instagram and it is that it does not allow us to participate in a vote, perhaps you would think that it is because the voting option is a bit small, but equally if the vote it is great, when you press We also have the problem of not being able to vote, below we will tell you how can you rate them in case you don't know:

  • First we need to check if our version of Instagram has this option available, we can check when we upload a story, scrolling upwards that allows us to do Instagram, if we have the voting element it means that we can both start a vote and also vote that of our friends we follow.
  • In case you don't have this feature, we recommend you to upgrade Instagram to its latest version.
  • After updating Instagram, let's double check this option by going to our stories, also going to the specific story in which we want to participate in your vote, you simply have to select one of the two options that you like the most, simply by pressing and that's it, once done, it will be permanent , you can vote only once.
  • In an extreme case where it is impossible to participate in a vote, because you cannot do it or you do not have the function, we recommend that you open your Instagram session on another mobile, if on the other phone you do not have this problem, you have to report this error with the support of Instagram, as it may be an error of your account that has this feature blocked for some reason.

Can't Vote in Instagram Polls - Solution

How to vote in an Instagram poll that you don't see

Polls on Instagram are generally visible to the followers of the account that publishes them, cannot be specified for sharing with a certain number of people, unless it is defined in your followers.

This means that if there is a survey you don't see or appear to you, it's because it's an account that is in private mode or you don't follow. Therefore, if you want to participate in these surveys, the important thing is to check that you are following the account or if it is not private; otherwise you must give 'follow' to the user who posted it ; then wait for them to accept your follow up request and then you will see it in their stories.

How to remove my vote in an Instagram poll

Now, if you are someone who instinctively reviews the stories of those you follow and responds to surveys by inertia; Let's clarify that once you have voted, you will not be able to reverse the operation, regardless of whether you did it accidentally or made a mistake in the choice option.

Therefore, you have to be very vigilant when you go to vote, so as not to make this mistake that has not yet been fixed and that most likely there is no way to remedy it. This is because surveys on Instagram are made to know the tastes, preferences, knowledge and other aspects of users, so you must be aware when taking a major survey or evaluating your performance; since it will not be possible to reverse the execution of the vote.

What you can do is delete a message in the open questions (where you write the answer); in this sense if you can reverse the operation. First go to the profile, then to the settings; then go to answers, press and hold the one you are about to delete, then press on 'delete' and voila, nothing happened.

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