Can you upload a video to YouTube that replaces an existing one?

However, although this decision is very common within the YouTube community and has been constantly requested by the Google company, not have made the decision to enable the option among their settings.

That is why other measures are currently being taken, so that each user can replace a video they want to edit.

By continuing to read this article, you will find out what the different options that can be implemented to achieve this, and then put into practice the one that suits you best.

How can you replace a video if YouTube doesn't allow it?

In case you have somehow edited a video that is already part of your YouTube account library. And if you want to replace it, you should know that the platform does not have this option.

Can you upload a video to YouTube that replaces an existing one?

On the contrary, the most viable solution is upload the new version of your video to the platform. So that visitors can enjoy it.

Unfortunately, the problem is that both videos will receive unique URLs that prevent them from joining and that you will probably want to make the previous one disappear.

In this case, you have to delete the old video uploaded to your YouTube account, so that views only go to the enhanced version.

Upload a video to YouTube

From the main screen of the page or application you can see the "Upload" button, which is usually found at the top of the screen.

The next screen will display the option «Upload video». Where a new window will open that will allow the search for the file to start its automatic upload.

While the process is complete, you can change its name, label and category. So when you're done, all of these aspects of the form are complete.

Delete a video

Since a video cannot be replaced within the platform. The only way to make the previous content disappear is through the "Permanently delete" option.

To do this, you will have to log into your account profile and click on the «Video» tab. To be able to see inside the loaded file library where the one you want to delete is located.

Once you find it, click on the “More” option (the three-dot icon) which is next to the image of it. So that the menu of the same is displayed.

From the options displayed, select the one with the phrase » Permanently delete «, Confirm the decision and press« Cancel »to complete the process.

Other options when replacing a video within YouTube

It was previously mentioned that each uploaded video receives a unique URL. So it will be content that will receive visits and comments from scratch.

Can you upload a video to YouTube that replaces an existing one?

Therefore, the option you should take is to announce the existence of the new content to visitors. Primarily, if you are working via a website, entering the new URL will help you get a new visits entry.

Another option is to keep the old video up to date as well add the address of the new video in the description or in the comments, so that each visitor is aware of the change and can enjoy the content.

Through the different methods explained in this article, you can make up for the lack of options to replace a video within the platform YouTube. Although it's not really necessary, because you can still upload the new files so that different people around the world can enjoy the content you create.

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