Contact cards in WhatsApp: what they are and what they are for

Contact cards in WhatsApp: what they are and what they are for

Contact cards WhatsApp have evolved, previously these digital cards that we shared had the task of replacing those business cards given to our colleagues in an office meeting, but now it is no longer a simple contact shared within the messaging platform with a phone number and a name.

There are many alternatives to WhatsApp contact cards, especially if you use the WhatsApp Business version, where you can also access an online catalog from the contact's profile, but they have also created digital contact cards, with links where you can access a person's data, but also their websites, and -mail, social network profiles and more.

Share contact card on WhatsApp

You probably already know this, but it's a very simple task and it can be very useful for you to be in communication with colleagues and friends. You can create contact cards in WhatsApp directly in a mobile contact area.

The first thing that all you should do is create a new contact in your address book, there you add your name, you can put aliases in a second line if you use one, you can also add mobile and local numbers, email address, web pages, office location and much more.

The advantage of creating your contact to share it on WhatsApp is that you can add a photograph that will allow the person to associate you immediately in case they don't remember your name, you can also enter an address that can direct you to a location on Google Maps or Apple Maps.

By storing that information on your phone, you can share it directly on WhatsApp. You'll see that when you select a contact, the messaging platform will allow you to select which data of that contact you want to share, if a specific phone number, email or you can select all the information and send it to the person.

Since in WhatsApp there is no synchrony between the record someone has of you and how you are identified on the platform, it is ideal that you put as much information as possible that will allow this person to correctly store your contact on their mobile phone, since you save it it will remain identified as you sent it or as you received it from someone else.

Use Link Tree to create contact cards

Quite an effective alternative to be able to create a contact card that you can share on WhatsApp and on any other platform is Link Tree, a platform that takes care of unifying links from web pages, links to social networks, direct access to WhatsApp and in general to any other means of communication through which you wish to be contacted.

Its operation is quite simple, you can register with the basic information and although it has a paid version, the free option can give you access to what you need without having to pay.

Here you can create a link to your WhatsApp number without providing the number first, also create a link to send you an email, you can take the person to your website, to any of your social network profiles and everything is concentrated in a mini site with links for choosing the interested party from that menu of alternatives.

The procedure for registering and creating your own profile menu to share in Link Tree is quite simple:

  1. The first thing is that you have to go to their website and sign up, for this you need to choose a name, email and password.

  1. In the second step , enter your username which will be added to the link tree sharing link and then three keywords that define your work.
  2. In the next step it is recommended to confirm your email address and then access the mini editor of the site.

  1. THU you can start by adding links, then you can go to the top tab called «Settings» and then you can scroll down to «Social Connections» to add your email address and social media profiles.

  1. After that you will see how the process of building your mini site ends, for this page has placed a picture of a mobile phone on the right side which will show you what your profile looks like within its platform.

  1. From now on you can copy the link of your profile in the Tree of Links that is located in the upper right part of the screen and share it with your contacts on WhatsApp, so they will only have to click on it and they will have access to a whole menu with your information.

Tricks to create a contact card for WhatsApp

  1. In the case of creating a contact card with your native agenda, try to include as many details as possible, so that the person can reach out to you in more ways than just your messaging.
  2. Use the «File as» field if you use Android, because this will allow suggesting the contact name to the person you send the card to.
  3. Avoid using free applications to share contacts, because most of them send an HTML file, but they do not allow automatic storage and your personal information could also be exposed in some kind of database that you have not authorized.
  4. If you're using Link Tree, just copy and paste a link and you no longer need to send any contact attachments in the conversation, so the person could even decide what information they want to save or use at the moment.

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