Contact WhatsApp VIA MAIL step by step

Contact WhatsApp VIA MAIL step by step

With its over 5.000 million downloads, WhatsApp is the most used messaging client in the world as it offers a quick and easy way to send messages to our friends and acquaintances. The only problem is that in the face of such an avalanche of users, it's perfectly normal and appear doubts or problems (through ignorance or misuse) of the platform. Well, you should know that there are several ways to contact whatsapp via email to be able to consult all kinds of doubts or incidents that have to do with their service, today in Android Green you will learn step by step how to contact support.

How can I contact WhatsApp?

As of today, there are only 2 ways to contact WhatsApp:

  • By email.
  • By postal address.

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What is the WhatsApp phone technical support in Spain?

Are you looking for the WhatsApp contact number in Spain? Well let me tell you that WhatsApp is not based in our country, so in case of problems it will be Impossible to contact technical support by phone.

Is there a phone to contact WhatsApp?

The telephone number to contact the WhatsApp team is   +650 965 2389. From El Poder Del Android Verde do not recommend this type of call as this is an international call to the United States with high costs that this entails.

I want to get in touch with WhatsApp

You had a problem with the platform and you need to contact WhatsApp customer service?, then you will learn how to do it in different ways.

Send a letter to WhatsApp headquarters

You can send a letter by post to the following address:

Attention: WhatsApp Inc., Law Enforcement Response Team

WhatsApp Inc.
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, California 94025
United States of America

Contact via WhatsApp by mail step by step

contact the team via WhatsApp through the app we have to assign i first 3 vertical dots at top right and in the pop-up menu a "Settings".

We enter the WhatsApp settings.

Once inside "Settings" we have to give "Help".

Once in «Help» we must click on the section «Contact us».

Here you need to do the following:

  1. On the rectangular screen you have to describe your problem.
  2. You can add 3 optional screenshots.

Once finished, we give it to the bottom right where it says "Forward".

Now the Gmail application it will open and we will do the following:

  1. We send ours request to the email address
  2. Let's write down what happened to us.
  3. Let's «Send» the mail.


Contact the WhatsApp team from the official website

Another way to contact WhatsApp technical support is via the official page from the following link.

Here we must enter the following information:

  1. Our contact number.
  2. Choose the platform, on which we usually use our favorite messaging client.
  3. Submit question.

Our email client will open in which we must enter the following information:

  1. Our mail.
  2. THE whatsapp email which is
  3. The subject of our email.
  4. Attachments like snapshots.
  5. La Description of the problem.

Is it useful to contact WhatsApp by mail? THE TRUTH

The truth is that contacting WhatsApp via email does NOT work AT ALL, you will receive in a few hours a message of mail generic automatic from the platform that will not respond to your request since it will be a Randomly sent meaningless message that has nothing to do with your request. So if you have had a serious problem of harassment, intimidation, hacking or identity theft, the best thing you can do is make a non-formal complaint to the National Police's cybercrime unit in this article I'll explain how it's done.

Of course, you lose nothing by trying to contact WhatsApp, although in my personal experience I have tried to contact the platform per 7 emails this week due to a problem i had and they only answered me with automatic nonsense messages.

If you want, you can tell in the comments what your experience was in the contact WhatsApp support, because believe me it's not easy, so if you have achieved it, you can tell in the comments how you did it successfully. Don't forget to share this tutorial with your social networks please, this would help me a lot to keep creating more content like this.. Thank you so much!

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