Copyright-Free Videos Free Download | Copyright-free video bank

These pages allow you to download audiovisual content, clips or animations for your personal projects. You can use or edit the videos to use them in a short film, film, project or series you are making.

Free copyright free video banks to download


Definitely Pixabay one of the digital content download sites more popular. It is generally known for its use for downloading photos, illustrations and images.

Copyright-Free Videos Free Download | Copyright-free video bank

For some time its platform has also been available for download videos for free and in 4K and HD resolution. You have the option to search for videos directly from the page's search engine or from different categories.

Select the video you want to download and preview it before downloading. When you are completely sure, press the button Free download to start the download.

If you are not registered you have to solve a captcha to download it and you can only download one number limited of videos per day. can register to the page to directly download all the videos you need without having to solve captcha.

The contributors of this platform upload the videos for download for free, one way to reward them for their work is by donating money or following them on the platform. It's not mandatory.

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Another page that offers a huge amount of videos available within its platform. In Free Stock Video you can search direct from the page search engine or select the video you want from the categories.

The videos available on the page are by best quality. They generally have 4K and HD resolution. can visualize the preview of the video before downloading it simply by hovering the mouse over the video and it will play automatically.

Before downloading the video you have selected, you can see the features of the video. What is the resolution of the video, the size of the file, the format of the file, the duration of the video, among others.

Pexels video

Like pixabay, Pexels is well known for its free image bank. Pexels has its own video bank HD free available for free download.

Copyright-Free Videos Free Download | Copyright-free video bank

Pexel videos are free and licensed Creative Commons Zero (CC0). You can use it according to your needs without any copyright problem.

To find the video you need you can do it from the search on the page or select it from category. It is not necessary to be registered on the platform to download the videos. You can download directly.


A platform that has thousands of videos available for download. It is one of the favorite options of professionals for the quality of video clips it has in 4K format.

Videezy is very easy to use and you can find videos from the search engine or by selecting one of the available categories. It is one of the few options that carries out effective searches in Spanish.

To download videos it is not necessary to be registered on the platform. The videos are downloaded directly, but the usability you give to the video will depend on the license granted by the author. You can view the license type of the video before downloading it.

Edit your videos online

Not having a video editing app is no longer an excuse to be a creator of content. Renderforest is a great online tool, it's free and very easy to use.

You can create short films, promotional videos, video intros Youtube, animations and videos for events. Best of all, you don't have to start from scratch because it has customizable templates with a professional finish.

These pages are copyright free. It is a good option to give a professional finish to the videos you make. By adding videos to your social networks or on your page, you increase your visibility on the Internet and users are more likely to share this type of content on social networks.

I must also mention that if you want to add songs to the videos you download through these mentioned pages, it is something very simple to do, so I recommend that you learn where to download copyright-free music for your YouTube videos.

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