Create a Facebook account without a phone number

Create a Facebook account without a phone number

When creating an account on Facebook, a considerable number of people prefer or choose to provide their telephone or mobile number in the registration form. Now, and anyway, this can be circumvented or avoided perfectly and for this we have prepared in Practical the following article: create a Facebook account without a phone or mobile number that allows -who is interested and without any kind of problem- register on Facebook from your PC or from your mobile but with the unlimited condition of not entering any mobile or mobile number as you wish, follow the steps below.

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Create a Facebook account without a phone number | STEP #1: Login to Facebook

The first step basically consists of accessing the Facebook web page from a PC or, from your mobile and for this purpose, you have the two lifelong Internet options that we are going to describe and which, among other things, You will need – henceforth- to login to this Facebook account you are creating.

  • Join Facebook with Google: in this option, they will write in the search engine that they use the name that identifies this social network and which would be: “ Facebook «, they will load the respective results (Enter or Search) and from the one loaded results they will click on, in the option that identifies the social network Facebook and which, in general, is the first and with it they will be able to enter Facebook.
  • Enter Facebook with your URL: in this other option, they will write in the address bar of the browser they use, the Facebook web address and which would be: » » and then they will load it (Enter or Go) and after this, the Facebook cover will be loaded in Italian and ready, they will be able to enter Facebook.

Create a Facebook account without a phone number | STEP #2: Start logging into Facebook

Once they are on the Facebook cover, they must initiate the registration procedure on Facebook without a telephone number as such and, to this end, they must fill in the form that appears with the following data requested by them, complying with a data that I leave it underlined.

Name: in this box you must enter your name or a particular one by which you want to be known.

Last name: in this other box, enter your surname respectively or whatever you want or want to show.

Mobile number or email: Here you must strictly enter a personal email to create a Facebook account without a phone number, but in addition to that, this email must not be used in another Facebook account, it must be active and you should not have problems accessing it.

* By the way, if you don't have an email for this purpose you can create an email in Yahoo! or, create an AOL email, or if you want, create an email in GMX to opt out.

New password: in this last box, you must enter a password for your Facebook account that you are creating and, among other things, this password must be difficult for third parties to discover but at the same time they can remember without problems or inconveniences in order to avoid to recover a Facebook account.

Birthday: in this item they must enter their date of birth and, for this purpose, they will press or click on the triangles respectively of the day, month and year so that in this way the menus are displayed and therefore in these, they can select the day, the month and year of your date of birth.

Gender: in this other item, they must mark or cross out the gender that identifies them (Feminine, Masculine or Custom).

Once you have filled out the registration form conscientiously and taking care of the detail of the failure to enter a telephone number, you must click on the green button that says: «Sign Up«.

Create a Facebook account without a phone number | STEP #3: Confirm the Facebook account

After completing the previous step, a new Facebook page will load where they are told that they have sent a message with a registration code to their email which they must review in order to continue the Facebook registration process.

So, they will go to their email and open the facebook message which is in their email box and now they have the option to copy the code shown in this message and go to previous facebook page, enter it and click the blue button that says: "Continue» or if you prefer, you can click on the blue button that says: «Confirm your account» and so -with any of the options you choose-, it will serve to confirm your email for Facebook.

* Note No. 1: on some occasions, it is possible that the Facebook message takes some time to arrive or, it does not pass the security filters of your mail and for this reason it does not appear in the inbox of your mail, Well, in this type of case yes recommend checking your email's junk or spam folder, as it's likely to be here and if for some reason they made a mistake while sending the email, they'll click on the question: Not the right direction? And follow the instructions they indicate and if they do not arrive, they will click on: Submit by new email

For the case of this tutorial, it was decided to copy the code from the message that arrived to the email and paste it on the previous Facebook page where it is required and after that click on the button that says: «Confirmation«.

Very good! When you do the above, a Facebook page will load which contains a central window where they are told they were able to confirm their email without any problems and here, they will simply click the button which says: «Accept» to remove this window and pursue.

Create a Facebook account without a phone number | STEP #4: Friends and full profile

When doing the above, a Facebook page will appear where they are welcomed to the social network but also and as a first step, they are invited to add friends as family members and for this purpose, they will click on the button that says: «NEXT» and will follow the appropriate instructions.

After the above, they will be able to add a profile photo for their Facebook and a cover photo so that they start off on the right foot in Facebook, some friends will identify them and thus they will be able to interact in this social network as everyone does..

Well, here's how to create a Facebook account without a phone number. Sometimes, they may ask you to add a phone number if they see suspicious behavior, or they may voluntarily do so in the future if you wish.

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