Create an account on RuTube (Russian YouTube)

Create an account on RuTube (Russian YouTube)

It can be said that in Russia there is a rather interesting and fruitful parallel world worthy of analysis and which has long embraced the world of technology and communications on the Internet where the Made in Russia it is printed in different companies and which are services similar to those we usually know in the western world.

In this way, we can find yandex russian e-mail, the Russian social network vkontakte and also Rutubes, a Cyrillic video platform similar to YouTube and that enjoys great popularity in Russia and that we take some time to comment on this video service and how they can log in and create an account on it.

RuTube, as I said, is a video platform that was founded in 2006 by 2 entrepreneurs (Mikhail Paulkin and Oleg Volobuyen) and was acquired by the great Russian giant Gazprom in 2007 for about 15 million dollars and since its growth and consolidation in Russia has been enormous with 40 million unique users per month.

Some pros and cons of Rutube

  • This video platform supports different formats mpeg, mov, wmv, avi, mp4, 3gp, qt, flv which make it an interesting alternative to audiovisual contents.
  • Another plus point is that they are not as strict as YouTube in relation to copyright and censorship, allowing users to upload and view content with greater freedom, which is curious and valuable for those who hate all those restrictions of other video portals.
  • One of the cons that works to the detriment of this service is that it still uses Flash, something that is already in retreat in the Western world due to its vulnerabilities. However, on their website they definitely use, they'll soon make the necessary leap and not use the nasty Flash.
  • Another downside that surely prevents many people from other parts of the world to use this service is no doubt the Russian language which limits its accessibility and use, although it can be used with the help of an online translator.

Finally, for all those who are interested in this video platform or, for those who are curious and want to broaden the spectrum of their Internet browsing, I leave you the way you can open or create an account in RuTube and thus be able to upload your content, comment and do everything that can be done as is, on YouTube and maybe something else.

Create an account in Rutube Step n. 1

The first step to registering on RuTube is necessarily to enter the home page of the official website of this Russian video platform and for this there are two options.

By means of a search engine (google, bing, yahoo, yandex) typing » rutube » in the search box then, Submit on the keyboard and the result will click on the correct one, which is usually in the first position.

Or, by correctly typing the url of this site or in the address bar and then clicking Enter on the keyboard you can go directly to the site.

Create an account in Rutube | step 2

Once on the cover, they have to click where it says in Russian Sign In   (in Italian: enter) located in the bar at the top right.

Create an account in Rutube | Step 3

In the central window that was opened by the previous action, they need to click where it says Register (in Italian: register) located at the top right.

Create an account in Rutube | Step 4

A new central window has opened with the title it says Register and an adjacent text that says something like this, according to google translate: To subscribe to RuTube enter a valid email address and your password will be sent directly to it.

In this way, they have to enter an email and then tick or mark that I am not a robot in the reCaptcha and finally click on the black button below.

Create an account in Rutube | Step #5

Well, a new central window opens in Russian which says, according to the online translator: Confirm email. You will receive a letter in the mail with a password and a link to activate your account.

They will have to go to their mail and review the message that was sent to them from Rutube.

Nota 1 | It is worth mentioning that this message may automatically appear in the Junk or Spam folder of your email, that's why, if you don't find that message in your inbox, you should check that folder.

Create an account in Rutube | Step #6

The message sent to the mail (in Russian) looks like the one in the attached picture and says in the title:
Welcome! This letter contains information from your registration on

Your account information is displayed below, namely: email, password to log in to RuTube, and your name on the website and finally, you have to click on the yellow button that says Activate account (in Italian: activate your account) to activate your account and be one or more users of this YouTube-like video platform.

That's the whole process of being a registered user in the RuTube video community. Now, they have to understand how it works in general to get the most out of it and surely, if they don't know Russian, they will have to help themselves with an online translator like I am doing.

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