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Today Juande Santander Vela, Head of the Software Group of the Operations Division of the SKA Observatory, comes to talk to us.

The SKA Observatory (Square Kilometer Array Observatory) is an intergovernmental organization (the second in the world dedicated to astronomy and the first dedicated to radio astronomy) agreed in March 2020 and entered into force in January 2021.

Its purpose is the creation of a large radio astronomy observatory, with two arrays of complementary technologies in South Africa and Western Australia, which will allow the exploration of a wide spectrum of scientific cases, from the cosmic dawn to the cradle of life, from the time of reionization. a pulsar in our galaxy, or the evaluation of the cosmic expansion rate and the accuracy of the theory of relativity.

It enters the construction phase on 1 July 2021 and its construction will take approximately 7 years. 

Digitize the Universe

About Juande Santander Vela:

Head of the Software Group of the Operations Division of the SKA Observatory, an intergovernmental organization for the development of what will be one of the largest terrestrial infrastructures dedicated to astronomical research in the next 60 years, with telescopes in the Karoo desert in South Africa, and in the region of Murchison of Western Australia. 

He has worked in the astronomy software area since March 2005, when he began work that led to his PhD in Radio Astronomy Data Federation Tools in May 2009. 

He has worked for several observatories, such as the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the Atacama Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array (ALMA), and since March 2014 at the Square Kilometer Array Organization (SKA Organization), now called SKA Observatory.


Ska Observatory website in Spanish


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