Doesn't a 100 euro phone do the same as one of the 1.000?

We will have heard and read it hundreds of times. “I don't know how you can buy that expensive phone if mine does the same for $ 100. » The typical phrase of the brother-in-law of Forocoches or Twitter that serves to criticize any user who has decided to spend their money on a high-end product, be it a Samsung, Huawei or an iPhone.

Doesn't a 100 euro phone do the same as one of the 1.000?

But does a $ 100-150 phone really do the same as a high-end phone? Obviously both are used to call and send messages, so on the one hand they do the same; But a Renault also takes you home from work, just like a Mercedes. There are many differences between a high-end phone and a low-end phone that are quite noticeable and assuming that everyone with their money does what they want, the next time someone tells you that their 100 euro phone does the same thing as your top of the range, don't be silent and answer them.

No, not all phones do the same

Doesn't a 100 euro phone do the same as one of the 1.000?

It is pure logic. A phone with a Snapdragon 855 processor will not perform as well as one with a low-end processor and it shows day by day. Especially when you start opening applications like Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify or Google Chrome. While the high-end phone will be able to move all of these apps without messing around, the $ 100 phone definitely won't.

But the difference between these terminals lies not only in the speed of the device but also in other details. For example the screen, the screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro with its 90 Hz is the same as a low-end phone? You don't have to be an engineer to know the correct answer.

Another big difference lies in the photographic section. Except for specific cases like the Google Pixel 3a, the logical thing is that the higher the price, the better the photo quality of the terminal. In this way and again according to DxOMark, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G currently has the best camera on the market.

We continue to talk about differences and this time also quite evident. Building materials. Can you imagine a $ 1.000 plus device made from low-quality plastic? And a low-end phone whose materials were truly premium? Neither do we. The differences between a high-end device and another that isn't start as soon as you remove it from their respective boxes, long before you even turn them on.

And no, we're not done yet. If a high-end mobile is faster than one that isn't, if it has a better screen, a better camera and is much more premium, then as a general rule it has another big advantage as well. And is that High-end phones tend to get updated much more frequently than budget phones. Surely, most of the "cheap" terminals will not even update to the new version of Android 10, remaining with the Android version with which they were released.

In short, no, a 100 euro terminal is not the same as a 1.000 euro or it does the same. Obviously there must be phones of all types and prices for different users and what's more on Android there is a huge range of really interesting low-end phones for the price they have, but let's be serious and stop making fun of us. When you pay 1.000 euros for a terminal, you are paying a lot more than just a brand.

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