Download WhatsApp photos to your own solution

Download WhatsApp photos to your own solution

Le photos on WhatsApp are downloaded by themselves and you don't know why? Do you want to block automatic download of whatsapp photos? Well, today in The Power Of The Green Android you will learn how to do it quickly and easily.

I don't want WhatsApp photos to download by itself

This no doubt can present a problem since if you are in many groups and you have configured automatic download of WhatsApp photos,  it is possible that from time to time you see unfortunate images in your gallery that could undoubtedly put you in some compromise. Also, having automatic image downloads turned on can have a very negative impact on mobile data speed and battery life of your Smartphone.

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How to stop whatsapp photos from downloading themselves step by step 2022

disable automatic download of WhatsApp photos, the first thing we have to do is enter the messaging client and press on the 3 vertical lines at the top right.

In the resulting menu we select the section where it says "Settings".

Once inside we must access "Data and storage".

How to disable automatic download of WhatsApp photos 2022

In this section we can disconnect automatic file download via Wi-Fi and mobile data, for this we must enter the corresponding section.

  1. We deactivate the card images, audio, video and documents, that way they won't download themselves via mobile data.
  2. Finally we give «OK».

  1. Similarly, we will deactivate the tab images, audio, video and documents in Wi-Fi downloads.
  2. We will give «OK».

This way we can fix the problem that WhatsApp photos download by themselves. If you have something to add you can always do it through the comments, don't forget to share this tutorial through your social networks, it would help me a lot to keep developing more content like this.

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