Download WhatsApp videos to your own solution

Download WhatsApp videos to your own solution

Do WhatsApp videos download by themselves? , this can undoubtedly become a problem since sometimes we can see in our gallery some unfortunate videos that shouldn't be there and could get us into trouble. That is why today in El Poder Del Android Verde we will teach you how block WhatsApp video download automatically fast and easy.

Why do WhatsApp videos download by themselves?

This is because you have an option turned on in your settings that allows any clip to be downloaded via mobile data and Wi-Fi only.

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I don't want WhatsApp videos to download by themselves

Undoubtedly, if WhatsApp downloads videos automatically can become a problem, not only because it can put you in some compromise if someone accesses your gallery, but also having this option activated can decrease the life of your battery and spend a lot of your mobile data rate.

How to prevent WhatsApp videos from downloading alone 2022

disable automatic download of WhatsApp videos, the first thing we have to do is enter our messaging client and then select the 3 vertical dots at the top right.

A menu will appear in which we must select "Settings".

In the next section we have to enter "Data and storage".

Here we need to focus our attention on where it says «Automatic Download», here we will find 2 subsections:

  • Mobile data.
  • Wi-Fi access.

Set up video downloads with mobile data

Here we must uncheck the video box, although it is highly recommended to uncheck the others to prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading photos (as well as audio and documents) via mobile data.

Remove WhatsApp video download automatically over WiFi

Similarly, we remove all the tabs in the Wi-Fi section, this way we can automatically block downloading WhatsApp videos over a WiFi network.

And ready this way we can automatically disable the download of video clips in WhatsApp.

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