Facebook admits that iOS 14 will hurt its business

Facebook admits that iOS 14 will hurt its business

With the upcoming launch of iOS 14, which implements new privacy measures aimed at preventing users from continuing to be a product marketed without consent, Facebook has recognized that iOS 14 will impact their business.

According to Facebook on their blog:

“While it's hard to quantify the impact on advertisers and developers at this point, with so many questions, in the tests we ran we found a 50% drop in advertiser revenue using Audience Network when ad personalization was phased out in campaigns. . on cell phones. In reality, the impact for Audience Network in iOS 14 can be much greater, so we are working on short and long term strategies to support advertisers as these changes occur. "

Source: Facebook

What is the public network?

Facebook's Audience Network allows advertisers to take their Facebook and Instagram campaigns to thousands of high-quality apps on the Internet.

People spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. However, he also spends time on other apps. Audience Network helps advertisers reach more loved ones in other places where they spend their time.

In a study of Facebook campaigns, it was found that conversion rates were eight times higher among people who had seen ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network than those who had only seen them on Facebook.

Audience Network ads use the same targeting, auction, delivery and measurement systems as Facebook ads. (source: Facebook)

What does this mean?

With the measures built into iOS14, if the user chooses, pages will no longer be able to keep track of other sites you visit to continue building your profile and selling you the same on all pages.

While it's true that it's very convenient for developers and advertisers (using Facebook to plan an internet-wide campaign), what really suffers from these measures is Facebook, which no longer serves as a media center to serve ads everywhere and has a much less interesting product.

When it comes to iOS users, Facebook activity is effectively limited to Facebook.

While they aren't mentioned here, Google is in the same wagon as Facebook - of course! - and Amazon (plus thousands of smaller players traveling on the same train).

We have a hard time feeling sad about Apple's insensitivity to stop them from building an empire at our expense. Of course, those who say that Apple builds at our expense will come, but there is a big difference: it rises at the cost of the products we want to buy (from computers to apps via the cloud or services), not based on trading with our profile. without our knowledge.

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