FaceTime What do you consume, do you spend? It's free?

It is quite common to find frequent use of this application on devices Smartphone, which have an operating system IOS. It is especially useful to be able to make video calls and for both parties to see each other fully openly during a conversation.

FaceTime is a free service

If you are not a user Apple, but you are still interested in their products, it is very likely that you do not know that Facetime is a completely free application. This provided that you are a user with a device on which iOS 5 is installed or, failing that, a higher one, since this tool comes with said application pre-installed and ready to be used.

Within the general lines, if we want to use the FaceTime application for free, it is important to have an Apple device with an iOS 4 or higher operating system, such as the iPhone 4, the fourth generation iPod touch or higher.

FaceTime What do you consume, do you spend? It's free?

How to use FaceTime?

Using Facetime is a fairly simple and straightforward process, which will always run with sufficient existence, as long as we have a data connection or WiFi stable and fast, so that there are no errors in its development.

The connection Internet it has to be fast, if what we want is to communicate with our contacts and have the best quality and fluency possible. The main thing first of all is that this application is available and installed on our device, if you don't have it we recommend that you go to AppleStore and proceed with the download.

Among its great advantages, FaceTime it has an almost immediate connection with all those Apple devices, so it is not necessary that the user who wants to make this call have a special account, but simply and without too many complications it will show the necessary steps to be able to contact the person we want .

If you want to know in more detail what are the steps to make one video call FaceTime, read on as we detail them below:

  1. Start by running the FaceTime app. You can find it directly in the options menu of your mobile.
  2. When you are inside the application, click on the search bar that you will find right at the top of the screen.
  3. There you have to write the name of the person with whom you want to initiate contact and press the contact.
  4. Click on the contact and then select the icon of video which you can find located on the far right of the screen.

There you will see that the video call will start immediately and everything will be more than ready.

FaceTime What do you consume, do you spend? It's free?

How much data does FaceTime consume?

One of the reasons why many users feel refused to use this application is due to ignorance of the use of the data it consumes. Although most of mobile applications for the use of video calls do not believe it, they tend to consume a large average of data, in the case of FaceTime this application consumes about 190 MB for each hour of use.

This would be one media of 31,6 MB for every ten minutes it is active. Similarly, you could use the application for a period of 5 hours and there would be the time when it consumes 1 GB full.

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