Follow the requests on Instagram - How to remove them step by step

It's possible see follow-up requests sent on Instagram? How can I see pending follow requests on Instagram? Is it possible to cancel one or all pending follow-up requests?

Instagram is one of the most used and popular social networks in the world, it has been online for more than 10 years. And it is a favorite of users. Thanks to how easy it is to interact through it.

On Instagram you can follow other users and accept that they follow you. However, it is possible to unfollow all users on Instagram, but what happens to the follow-up requests sent on Instagram that were "pending"?

In case you don't know how to delete one or all le requests for follow sent on Instagram. Today at miracomosehace we explain how to do it regardless of whether you have a personal profile or a company profile.

Follow the requests on Instagram - How to remove them step by step

Can I see follow-up requests sent on Instagram?

On many occasions it is common send follow-up requests on Instagram and forget about it, however, Instagram gives you options like seeing who unfollowed you or seeing all the people you sent follow-up requests to and they didn't accept, so requests have been pending.

there different applications which have the function of allowing you to see the follow-up requests that you have sent on Instagram and have not been accepted, that is, all those follow-up requests that you have sent and have remained pending.

It is usually quite annoying or inconvenient to send Instagram follow requests to private accounts and that the user or the owner of the Instagram account decides not to accept. Likewise, it's pretty awkward to send follow-up requests by mistake to strangers or people you don't want to have in your Instagram contacts.

Follow the requests on Instagram - How to remove them step by step

In case you want to cancel these follow-up requests sent on Instagram and they are pending, you just need to have an internet connection, a mobile device or PC.

How can I cancel follow-up requests?

As we have already mentioned, it is possible cancel Instagram follow requests. And this can be done without any problem from your PC or your mobile device, so let's see what are the steps we need to follow from the equipment you use.

From the website

The process for cancel follow requests sent on Instagram from a PC is quite similar to the process of canceling follow requests sent from mobile devices.

The first step is to enter your Instagram account on the platform's website from a PC, then you have to press a dice icon to access the account settings.

You must select "Security and privacy" then click on «Account data», in this way a new page will be loaded in the browser in which the option «View follow-up requests sent» appears. This way you will be able to see all the requests that you have sent that have not been accepted.

Follow the requests on Instagram - How to remove them step by step

From the mobile app

It is possible to cancel any or all of the follow-up requests that you have sent on Instagram, for that you have to access the Instagram application as usual by entering your username and password.

Then you have to click on your profile photo and then press the icon with 3 horizontal lines, this will open the platform options menu.

In the options menu you have to select «Go to settings» and then go to the «Security» section. In the security section you will find several advanced options including you need to locate "Login data", after clicking on this option a new window will be loaded into the application.

In the section or section "Login data" you will find all the information of your account, such as creation date, established passwords, follow-ups and other options, it is quite similar to «Facebook activity log».

Among the options that appear you have to click on "Contacts" and then on View follow-up requests, in this way all the follow-up requests you have sent will appear, to delete them you just have to click on the user's username, enter your profile and delete the request.

Follow the requests on Instagram - How to remove them step by step

Can I manage the requests I receive on my Instagram account from its settings?

It's possible  manage the requests you receive in your Instagram account from the configuration options. And to perform this procedure, you will need to follow the steps that we will indicate below.

The first step is to enter the application and access the 'Settings' menu, upon entering, different sections will be shown on the screen. In our case, we need to click on «Security», the next step is to find and click on the «Connections» option. In it will be shown other options that have to do with the accounts we follow.

But in our particular case we will focus on finding the 'Current Follower Requests' option. This action will display a list of all those required on the screen we have sent and that have not been accepted or simply ignored. And at this point we can perform two actions: we delete all requests or resubmit the follow-up request.

Follow the requests on Instagram - How to remove them step by step

What is the best app to keep track of my follow up requests?

Instagram offers us in a very simple way some options to be able to moderately control follow-up requests. However, it is possible, through an external application, keep track of who follows us or unfollows us. And, of course, to find out which requests are pending.

And among these Apps that you can download for free from the Google virtual store for Android or from the App Store for iOS. There is Follower Analyzer only for Android that will allow you to maintain detailed control of your followers. It will also show you which ones you follow aren't following you or helping you find mutual friends.

Users using iOS devices can download the Followers app for Instagram for free. Than from its simple graphical interface you it will help to know who requested follow-up. Those who refused your request or unfollowed you a very useful tool that you shouldn't stop using.

Other great apps that give their users good results when it comes to checking follow-up requests. They are for Android Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram, Followers Insights for Instagram and FollowMeter for Instagram. In the case of iOS devices, there are Trackers for Instagram and  Reports + Followers Analytics per Instagram.

Cancel Verify request sent for Instagram

And if we talk about versatile tools that help us manage our follow-up requests. We couldn't stop talking about Cancel verification request sent for Instagram which will show you a list of all your submitted requests. In this way, it allows you to cancel those requests you have sent at any time and to know who is following you or who has unfollowed you.

This useful tool is only available for users who use devices with an Android operating system. Which will show you in real time all follow-up requests that come to you or those requests that have been accepted or rejected. It is undoubtedly a very simple app that you need to download on your mobile.

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