Free calls via wifi: WhatsApp, Skype and other apps

Free calls via wifi: WhatsApp, Skype and other apps

The call has always been an important tool since its invention, because people, despite the distance, can speak with their own voice, listen to each other and find each other. As technology develops, the entire environment also changes, and among the changes it causes is how you call. Here we will explain all about free wifi calls, using WhatsApp, Skype and other apps.

Internet calling has become popular in many places, although not all mainstream operators allow this feature and more and more operators are offering this service. Internet calling is very convenient for you because you don't need to spend a lot to be able to make calls wherever you are.

How to make free calls over Wi-Fi?

There are many ways to make free calls at home or abroad using an Internet connection. Find out what are the best ways to call using only a Wi-Fi connection:

1- Without using an application

They are the most popular Wi-Fi calling every day, and that's because they are more profitable than any other calling method. The Wi-Fi calling feature is simple, you just have to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and activate that function, which is an advantage because it provides more coverage and communication, since the signal emitted by Wi-Fi is sometimes more stable than the signal received by the device.

Phone factories have recently enabled this feature, but not all carriers have tested and learned how to use it, so they don't allow it from their carriers. Even though we've only told you from the beginning that you can call, you can also send and receive messages.

Basically we can conclude that it is a service quite similar to what applications such as WhatsApp and Skype offer, although from our point of view we tell you not to confuse it because you only have to download a package that takes up space on your device, and from other part not, so it is very important.

You don't need to add contacts to the list again, but since it's a feature of the same device, it uses the same address book you put on your phone. Sounds good, but sadly if there's a feature on your phone and your carrier doesn't allow it, calls can't be activated. There are no downloadable apps for Android or iOS either, because they can only be allowed and installed that way.

There are currently several phones that enable this feature, for example:

  • LG G3.
  • G2.
  • Great.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • burgundy.
  • Apple iPhone 6Plus.
  • 6, 5S e 5C.
  • HTC One M9.
  • Microsoft Lumia 640.

2- Through third-party applications

Offline app phone calls are very common nowadays. The applications that allow us to communicate regardless of the distance with someone are growing every day, obviously each of them establishes its own rules and conditions, but still they are still a good option.

One of the most used applications is WhatsApp, but like this many require the application to be installed on both users' devices in order to establish a conversation. There are others that also allow you to call people without the package (i.e. the App) that binds them, but you have to pay first.

3- Use of VoLTE or VoWi-Fi technology

This is another way to make an internet call, the function of this technology is relatively simple, you just need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or LTE network and the application converts your voice into a series of computer packets until it reaches its destination.

This tool is very comparable to WhatsApp or Gmail, it is only compatible with LTE smartphones, in other words it should be able to connect or establish a 4G connection.

While many phones already have this feature built-in, there are others that don't, so you'll need to download the correct packages or software to use it. The more this technology is developed, the more devices are compatible with it. At present, we only know the following:

  • iPhone 6 or later
  • Huawei P9 and above
  • Samsung J3, J5 and J7
  • OnePlus One from above
  • Samsung S8 e superior
  • Sony Xperia X, XZ, XZ Premium e versioni successive

4- VoIP or Internet calls

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to communicate with phone calls through the Internet protocol, you should also know that this technology requires the installation of several packages or files, and this is not a big deal.

Like VoLTE, it transmits voice in compressed files at high bandwidth speeds; speed and bandwidth are something that users take advantage of when they want to make calls to other countries, also an internet connection is enough, so it is almost free.

How to make international calls from your PC or phone without paying?

In this section we will explain the steps to follow to be able to make international calls without any type of payment. The good thing about having internet at home is that you can make free calls over Wi-Fi.

1- Enable Wi-Fi calling

As we told you in the previous section, this feature is not available on all devices. But if you have it, follow these steps to activate it.

1- First you just have to click Advanced Settings (this may vary depending on the phone you are using, as it depends on the mobile manufacturer)

2- Then you will have to see the option Wi-Fi calling (if not, it's because your phone won't let you do that) and click Attiva

3- This is not really a problem, after activating Wi-Fi calling, search for the person you want to call and call them with this option.

2- Calls with Google Voice.

Google Voice calls are very good, but unfortunately it is not possible to make emergency calls, so if you want to make them you must use the phone with its default functions.

First you need to go to the application icon and look at the « calls» below, if the person you want to call is in the recent calls list next to their name, select them.

Click on the option Call and choose one of the following methods:

1- Write in the search box, enter the person's name or phone number and select the registered contact that appears.

2- Tap on the keyboard and dial the number.

You should also know that if you intend to call a foreign number, you must dial the country code. In addition to the ability to call through your carrier, turn on caller ID on your phone.

3- Con WhatsApp Messenger

Through WhatsApp you can make quality calls, enter the application, search for the person you want to call and enter the chat room. In the upper left corner you will see two icons: one with the phone used for voice calls and the other with the camera for video calls.

When you select one of these icons, the receiving phone starts ringing until you answer. You can do the same for group calls, just enter the group directly and select an icon.

4- Call with Telegram

Telegram is an App that continues to develop every day, so if you want to use the Internet calling service, you must have the latest update installed, you must first enter the chat window and find the settings with three vertical dots as an icon. From the options that appear, you must then choose to call and establish a connection.

You must have the latest version, because otherwise the connection will not be possible and Telegram will not let you try until you have the latest version.

5- Calls via Skype

To get started, you need to click on your contact list, search there for available information about the person you want to call, and select the buttons (or options) to call.

The phone icon is for voice calling and the camera icon is for video calling. If you want to make a group call, add another person. To close (or hang up) the call, just click on the horizontal icon of the phone.

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Top 10 free calling apps

As mentioned above you can make free calls via Wi-Fi with some Apps, many applications allow you to make free calls regardless of the distance that separates you from the person you want to communicate with, but for better communication you need a good application.

Here we will show you a list of the best applications that are useful for making free calls:

1- WhatsApp

This service is constantly updated every day, which makes it a great tool, this App it also allows you to make calls and send audio, although the only drawback is that it doesn't allow you to communicate with people who don't have the application installed.

The service itself is completely free, although if you're not connected to Wi-Fi it can consume a lot of mobile data. The latest update added regular video calls and group video calls, allowing you to communicate with several people at the same time.

  • Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android
  • ‎Download WhatsApp Messenger for iOS


As we all know, this was the first version that allowed us to make international calls for free and to be able to send audio or synchronized calls.

Initially, this software was meant to be used on computers but later it was developed to support Android and other devices. To download the application it is not necessary to pay anything; even if the only requirement for communication is that the application is downloaded and installed by both people (sender and receiver).

However, if you want to communicate on a phone that does not have the application installed, you can pay for Skype and this will allow you to make calls for a fairly high price.

  • Download skype for android
  • Download Skype for iPhone

3- Yes

It is an application which, like WhatsApp, provides the possibility of calling several people (maximum 12) and a video call for up to 4 people at the same time. You can share files with your contacts, record videos and upload them to YouTube which is very convenient. One more thing to add about this app is that if you don't connect to it, you can access MSM or calls because it allows you to access it via Facebook.

If you need to call a number outside the address book that you cannot use in any way to receive calls, you will have to pay a fairly small credit for each call minute (to landlines or mobiles).

  • Download or Ovo o per Android

4 lines

This App was born in Japan, but today many people from all over the world know about this amazing application, just like WhatsApp, this tool offers you the possibility to make group calls, video calls and send audio without having to pay even half a euro.

This app has earned a high position among internet communication apps with its big and attractive stickers or stickers.

  • Download LINE for Android
  • ‎Download LINE for iOS

5- Viber

Viber is one of the easiest tools to make calls, although there are currently no video calls in its features; This is similar to how WhatsApp uses the list of contacts that have already been saved on your phone, and you can also add some people to the app's address book.

Though it's a bit basic compared to other apps, you can tell that it's fully functional. If you want to call someone outside the country, you'll need to dial the country code and phone number correctly, otherwise you won't be able to make the call.

  • Scarica Viber Messenger per Android
  • Download Viber Messenger for iOS

6- Google Hangout

This is a tool provided by Google, you can use it from your computer or download the application on your phone. To use this feature, you need to register a Gmail account. This app is compatible with most phones and lets you make group calls with up to 10 participants.

  • Download Hangout per Android
  • Download Hangouts for iOS

7- FaceTime

You can use FaceTime for a convenient call, although you can only do it with iPhone 4 or newer phones. To use the application, the phone number or email address of the person you want to call must be added to your mobile phone and connected to the Wi-Fi network to avoid high data consumption costs.

If you want to make calls, click on the phone icon, then go to your contact list and select the contact you want to talk to. You can also find the video calling feature in this app, inviting another person via a notification that is sent by simply clicking on the FaceTime icon.

  • ‎ Download FaceTime for iOS


This application which, like the previous ones, allows you to communicate by telephone via the Wi-Fi network for free, and for calls to phones that use this application, you pay a credit to be able to call without complications.

  • Scarica Talk U per Android 
  • Download TalkU for iOS

9- UppTalk

With Upptalk you can call and send messages over a Wi-Fi network connection. It's great for calling a group of friends, but you should also have an app installed on your phone.


Tango is not recognizable like other Apps, but it's perfect because it allows you to communicate through free calls, you can also make video calls as long as you don't add a filter or live images. You can find it available for both iOS and Android.

  • Download Tango for Android
  • ‎Download Tango for iOS

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