Galaxy Buds + vs Airpods comparison which are the best?

Headphones have undergone tremendous development and evolution. First, Apple surprised everyone with its airpods, wireless headphones that they work via Bluetooh and that they have met the expectations of many.

Now it was Samsung's turn, which was no exception and launched, along with its new range of phones, i Galaxy Buds. Some headphones that are truly overwhelming and have withstood the Airpods.

Comparison of Galaxy B units and Airpods

If we are considering purchasing one of these products, the first questions that will come to our mind are which of these is better? Which one is worth buying? Which are the most resistant?

Galaxy Buds + vs Airpods comparison which are the best?

In this article we will try to analyze comparing all aspects between Airpods and Galaxy Buds to arrive at the most correct conclusion, going from the most basic, such as the protective case, to the sound and battery life.

The case

The case of the airpods it is small and comfortable to handle with one hand, while the Galaxy Buds case is slightly larger and difficult to handle with one hand.

The case of the airpods on the other hand closes by itself because it works with magnets, while the Buds need pressure to be able to close. In the end, Charging the Airpods can be wireless or wired, depending on the model, while the buds have only one charging mode.

Headphone design

In Samsung's case, the buds are a bit more closed, since they have rubber tires that better isolate external sound. Meanwhile, the Airpods tie in an open design and thus do not isolate from the whole noise from the outside.

Galaxy Buds + vs Airpods comparison which are the best?

As for the visual aspect, the airpods stand out more, since they have an elongated extension, while Buds are designed to fit into your ears and nothing sticks out. Even so, neither of them easily falls out of your ears.

Both have sensors that determine when you put them on or take them off, then the music can be paused or played depending on whether you take them off or Li metta.

Audio How do they sound?

Both include built-in microphones so you can answer calls and talk through them. The airpods, due to their elongated design, have the microphone closer to the mouth, while the Buds are a little further apart, but in any case the sound is clearly heard in both.

As for the music, the design of the Buds makes you separate from the environment and you can concentrate and listen to the music better, while with the airpods the sound can be appreciated more and therefore the volume is less appreciated.

In spite of everything, the in-aural design of the Buds it can strain your ears a little to the point of wanting to take them off for a while to rest, while with Airpods this doesn't happen.

In terms of volume, the Airpods have a bit more power than the Buds, despite this, the Samsung's in-ear design matches this and the feeling of external isolation makes up for this difference that the Galaxy Buds have.

And despite the buds have less bass than Airpods, the difference is not so obvious, in fact the musical quality that is appreciated is identical, making them equally remarkable in this section.

Battery Which lasts longer?

Both devices have the capability of last at least 5 continuous hours in use. This is the estimated life of the Airpods. For its part, the Galaxy Buds last a little longer, reaching 6 hours of autonomy while listening to music.

It should be noted that this parameter it may vary as it depends on the volume or how long the microphone has been used. It is important to say that Airpods in their case can last up to 24 hours.

In this sense, Galaxy Buds last a little bit less, as in their case they can last around 12 hours which is ironic, as the longer you use them, the longer the Buds will last, but if you don't use them so aggressively, Airpods will last longer.

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