Getting to know CarPlay

CarPlay is an Apple system to connect our phone to the car and use its features in a comfortable way. Let's see the most common uses.

Although it's been around for a long time, you don't change your car every year, so until you change your car, you don't embrace the benefits of technological changes, which advance much faster.

It's true that you can buy audio equipment to replace your car, but it's not something everyone does, nor is it easy to do. In addition, car audio equipment is now highly integrated into upholstery, car controls and accessories (such as reversing camera, travel information, car ...) so that functions can be lost when you make the change.

I recently changed my car and now I'm starting to enjoy CarPlay.

Common uses

Listen to Music and Podcasts: It is the most common use we have always looked for in integrating our mobile with the car, even when they were iPods instead of phones. With CarPlay you have all your music in the car, whether it is the one you downloaded as your content, Apple Music, Spotify ...

Hands-free phone: obviously we have a phone, the logical thing would be to use it over the phone. We can make and receive calls in an integrated way with the car audio system, with the usual functions of interrupting the music or podcast while we speak.

So far we can do everything with any audio equipment with Bluetooth, it is not necessary to have a CarPlay equipment. And it's true that so far there's little increase in features or perks beyond seeing the album cover we're listening to or the person calling us on the phone on the car's built-in screen.

GPS: The first common use where you get a big advantage is the use of maps or GPS. Now the phone will use the car screen to show us the map, so that we no longer have to resort to suction cups or brackets attached to the dashboard or air vents to hold the phone in a comfortable position. Also, we will have a bigger screen where you will see better directions, intersections, etc ... You can use Apple Maps, Waze, Google Maps ...

Obviously the screen is tactile, which allows us to act on it without absolutely having to touch the phone. So, a big advantage of CarPlay is to leave the phone lying on both sides of the car and forget about it, having all its contents (usable by a driver) at hand with the screen and the controls of the car.

Plug in and use

One of the great advantages of CarPlay is that you don't have to pair the iPhone with the car's Bluetooth, just plug it in via the cable (and give it permission the first time). Everything will be configured at the moment. Bluetooth is also configured, in case you need to use it (music, calls ...).

You can configure if you want that, in the cars you have already authorized once, you can log in and that's it or ask you for access (unlock the phone) every time you connect it. To do this, you can go to Settings> General> CarPlay and select the car, activating the option “CarPlay during blocking”.

If you get into a friend's car or a friend's car and want to listen to their music, just plug the iPhone into the cable and it works.

There is also CarPlay with wireless connection, an Apple version that allows you to connect via Wifi and not have to use the cable, but not all the cars and third-party audio equipment, which you could buy on Amazon, for example, ce they have it.

The advantage of using Wifi is that you sit in the car and have everything working, while if you use the cable you have to plug it in when you arrive and unplug it when you leave. However, the advantage of plugging it in is that not only does the battery not drain, it charges too.


To work with CarPlay the applications must be prepared but it is not necessary to download them from a special store, if the application is supported it will appear directly in the car.

Getting to know CarPlay

You can sort the apps or remove them from Settings> General> CarPlay and once you have chosen the specific car go to Customize.

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CarPlay acts as a terminal for your phone (screen and controls), but what does the job is your phone, so when your phone is updated, or you change phones and you have new features, you will have all of this turned on your car too. Except that in the future it saves some new functions which are very difficult to use in current CarPlay equipment, due to its design, it is expected to last for many years and many different mobiles.

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