Google Duet: Test and the new Chrome menu for Android

Google continues to work on the revamp of the Chrome design it has been immersed in for months. In early 2018, the company began testing a new format which he called Chrome Duplex, which gradually evolved to become what we know today as Chrome Duet, a format that divides the browser toolbars into two different parts: the one that appears at the top and houses the search bar and one at the bottom for quick access to functions such as the sharing menu, open tabs, options or for go back home.

Google Duet: Test and the new Chrome menu for Android

But I'm afraid the team in charge of Chrome development is still not satisfied, and in the latest version of the browser for Android has decided to test a new Chrome Duet format, that whoever wishes can already try it on your mobile.

This is the new Chrome Duet that you can already try

Google Duet: Test and the new Chrome menu for Android

As pointed out by AndroidPolice, Chrome's new "Duet" menu design retains the format of the previous one, although important changes are introduced. And it is that now I am alone three, not five, the icons that appear in the bottom bar, giving the browser interface a cleaner and less overloaded look.

Beyond that, it is the user himself who can change one of the three shortcuts that appear in the bar at the bottom according to your needs or the way you use the browser. You can then choose whether to show the icons for open or "share" tabs in the position on the right, and those of «Home» or «New tab» on the left. In any case, the central part will always be occupied by direct access to the search engine.

Activate Chrome Duet via the Chrome Flags menu

At the moment, the new Chrome Duet is only available in the beta version of Chrome for Android. Therefore, the first step will be to download and install this variant of the application.

Once installed, you need to familiarize yourself with the experimental or "flag" options of Google Chrome, which allow you to activate functions in tests like this menu. Finally, follow these steps:

  1. Access the "flag" menu of Google Chrome Beta from your mobile phone
  2. Look for the option called "# enable-chrome-duet"
  3. Select one of the three available options:

Home-Search-TabSwitcher variant enabled

Home-Search-Share variation enabled

Abilitato NewTab-Search-Share Variation

Google Duet: Test and the new Chrome menu for Android

Once one of the options is activated, you will need to restart the browser up to two times to apply the changes. When you launch the application again, the new Chrome Duet menu will be available *.

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