Google loses the battle against casino ads

Given the huge demand from this industry, it was forced to reverse its casino advertising policies.

The revolution in the online world has come with force in the universe of online betting and gambling.

A sector that traditionally had an association in some physical sites and that from there could only be managed from there, can now be taken care of comfortably from our living room. You can make all kinds of online bets or participate in the best online casinos with just one click.

The country in the world where these changes start to show best is the United States. Some states have won the battle against the giant Google, New Jersey, Nevada e West Virginia, allow the advertising of some games of chance.

Google loses the battle against casino ads

Until now, Google had a very strict policy with its ads. This platform, within everyone's reach, offered highly controlled advertising in its search engines, some elements were not allowed, but thanks to normalization and correct legislation, it decided to change its publication policies.

In the United States, gambling is one of the most income-generating economic sectors and it is no surprise that they end up putting pressure on the search engine par excellence, Google.

The natural evolution of the digital world leads us directly to a series of key steps, among which the normalization of the game in some places of the world stands out.

In the US we are faced with an economic activity that generates a net income that exceeds 100 billion dollars. Where there are 4 states with highly regulated legislation that allows you to quantify revenues of up to $ 41,7 billion in US online casinos. A figure that shows us firsthand the great movements affecting the world and the economy of this great country.

From October 2019, Google will implement a change in its gaming and gambling policies.

Google loses the battle against casino ads

It will allow online gambling ads to be posted in Kenya, Nigeria and Colombia with some perfectly regulated licensed operators. The United States will be one of the countries that will benefit most from these changes, allowing sports betting in Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, as well as Nevada, New Jersey and West Virginia.

An advance that makes Google lose the battle and gives victory to online casinos and bookmakers who have managed to beat the world's leading search engine. 

Ads will be allowed and that will mean increased benefits in sponsored links that will be able to advertise your services and attract customers exponentially.

If now, without advertising, they are able to generate billions in revenue, when the door to these advertisements opens, the figure can be much higher.

The advancement of the online industry is so great that everyone, including the most powerful search engine, has to adapt to the necessary changes.

Governments, companies and users want to agree to ensure that a business that has become everyday for many people gets the regulation it needs and the safety it deserves.

Ads are just the first step towards a revolution that will end up being much bigger.

A first step that will be the one that will provide the greatest revenue to online casinos and bookmakers. It will create new jobs that will be decisive for increasing the benefits of this economic activity.

It will be very easy for users to start playing with full guarantees and get started in a series of online casinos and games that can generate many benefits.

As users we need to be prepared to start this new era of opportunities and benefits that are to come.

Google has opened the door to make some changes that will help us find much more information and announcements from those companies that can change our lives.

It will give us the opportunity to discover new pages and enter those perfectly regulated online bets. Now a new era begins and we must be ready to start playing it. 

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