Group video call on whatsapp: how to do it step by step

WhatsApp is one of the 7 best apps to make group video calls for free. The simplicity of this function of the well-known social platform, which finally has a dark mode, makes it one of the options that you have to consider if you want to see yourself with your family or friends via your mobile.

Group video call on whatsapp: how to do it step by step

After a long wait, WhatsApp announced the arrival of video calls in July 2018. Even though it has rained a lot since then, you may never have had the need to use group video calls from the instant messaging service and therefore don't know how to use them. Don't worry, we are about to prepare a complete guide in which we explain step by step how they are made.

How to make group video calls on WhatsApp

Before proceeding to explain how the procedure is carried out (spoiler: it is very simple), we must mention some fundamental characteristics of WhatsApp group video calls. First of all you need to know that the limit of participants in calls, be they video or audio, is 4 contacts. To make video calls with multiple people, you need to resort to other options, such as Google Duo or Skype.

Also, WhatsApp recommends di have a good internet connection in so that these video calls can go smoothly, without your family or friends becoming meaningless pixels and without the audio being interrupted every few seconds. The platform also makes it clear that the calls are encrypted, so you can make them in total security.

With these issues in mind, let's move on to the important one in this article: explain how you can make group video calls on WhatsApp. It can take place in two different ways: by selecting multiple contacts directly via a group, or by starting a video call with one person and then adding more members. Subsequently, we explain the first of them.

1º- Open WhatsApp and enter the group you have with the contacts you want to make the video call with.

2º- Click the call button, which appears in the upper right corner represented by a phone icon and a +.

3º- Select the contacts of the group you want to make the video call with. We remind you that you can only choose 3, since with you you would already reach the limit of 4 participants.

4 ° - Click on the video camera icon which will appear to the right of the contacts you have chosen to initiate the call. Your friends will receive it on their cell phones and can accept or decline it. If they accept it, you will start seeing them and it will leave the group video call on WhatsApp.

Group video call on whatsapp: how to do it step by step

As we said, there is another equally simple method, which begins entering the conversation with one of the contacts you want to make a video call with. Then, click on the video button that appears at the top and the video call will start with it.

After starting the video call, add the rest of the participants by doing click the button at the top right, with a person icon and a +. Thus, you will be able to select contacts and invite them to join the video call you are making, thus transforming it into a group. They will be able to see who is participating and then choose whether to accept or not. This module is what you should use when you want to make one video call with contacts with whom you do not have a common group.

In short, there are those two procedures for making group video calls on WhatsApp: select multiple contacts in a group at the same time or start a video call between two and then add more contacts. We emphasize that, unfortunately, the limit of participants in a group video call on WhatsApp is 4.

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