HBO has become, together with Netflix, one of the main platforms for watching series online of the moment, offering us a large catalog of films and series such as Game of Thrones, Sin Shame or WestWorld. This service can be consumed directly from his official website, Smart TV or mobile phones and we can also try the subscription for 1 month for free thanks to its trial period and well, if it doesn't convince us we can always cancel the HBO subscription before it loads us. The fact is that, despite the stability of the platform, many times in the Android application we get the following error message: HBO has stopped, that's why we ask ourselves , how is it solved? . Don't worry, we explain it to you in our technology blog what to do when the HBO application is not responding easily and quickly.

Why are you telling me that HBO has quit sadly?

This happens basically because the app has information that needs to be updated to cause of this over time application data is corrupted and we get the message «The HBO application has stopped». This error is usually due to problems related to the app's storage and cache, below we will see how to fix it easily and quickly.

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How to Fix HBO Stopped 2022 Easily

fix the message of unfortunately the HBO application has stopped, the first thing we have to do is insert "Settings" of the phone as in the picture:

We enter Settings.

Once inside "Settings" look for the section «Applications and notifications» or similar (may change according to the terminal model).

This is where we look for HBO application, once identified we enter inside.

Ok, we are already inside the application information, this is where we will see a menu with the following sections:

  • Notifications
  • permits
  • Storage.
  • Data usage.
  • Advanced.

Of all the options available, the one that interests us the most is «Storage», let's go in.

Fix HBO hiatus 2022

First of all, it should be noted that what we are going to do is clear all data from cache and storage of the HBO app, in other words, it will be as if the application had been installed on your Smartphone or mobile for the first time, so no you will not lose anything. Once this is clear, click on «Clear cache» and «Clear memory», as in the photo.

Once the process is finished, we restart our mobile and we normally log into the HBO application with our usual email and password and voila, we will have solved the problem.

Se HBO doesn't work after doing these steps, you can always leave me a comment and we can see it together. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks please, it would help me a lot to keep doing more jobs like this…thank you so much!

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