How and where to buy a cheap license for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Microsoft Office 365

Having a computer or a tablet these days in which technology advances more and more is of the utmost importance. And when you have it, you should look for the best operating system license that suits your needs and tastes.

There is a wide variety of software and licenses on the market to work with, but the vast majority are paid and their prices are high, especially if they are appreciated by users.

This situation, too, has led many people with little resources to search for dubious versions of these operating systems on the web, but they are never reliable while the legal versions bring many advantages if acquired conventionally.

If so, the question arises: where can you buy an inexpensive, yet legal and safe operating system license? Well, this article will answer that and other questions.

What is Windows, Microsoft Office and what are they based on?

Always before installing any application or operating system on a device you should know a little bit about what they are based on and what is needed to have them. This will ensure that no problems occur during the installation.

It can be said that Windows is the operating system or the most popular software today since it has both basic functions, where you can manage files and run certain applications, and more advanced ones to take advantage of all the power of the functions it has.

How and where to buy a cheap license for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Microsoft Office 365

The Spanish translation of Windows is window and refers to the fact that the system works by displaying content organized through boxes or windows.

Windows 10 is the latest update of this software that the Microsoft company launched, was put on sale in July 2015. With this version we try to achieve an internal union with any device compatible with this operating system, such as phones, tables, Xbox consoles, etc.

One of its most notable features is that this system easily adapts to touch devices. Additionally, its home button has been redesigned like cell phone menus and even has a feature that replaces keys and passwords and uses facial recognition.

Microsoft Office is one office program suite designed by the Microsoft company. It is an accumulation of applications that are used to perform different tasks, the first version had Excel, Word and Power Point.

Now, with the advent of Microsoft Office 365, you can do a large number of activities quickly and easily. These programs can be rented annually and have applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, OneNote, Outlook, Project, and SharePoint that can be used on computers.

How to get a cheap license for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Microsoft Office 365?

There are many pages that offer this type of product, purchase computer licenses and reactivate with Microsoft at cheaper prices; These are totally legal since, for example, since 2012 in Europe the green light has been given to the sale of these licenses.

How and where to buy a cheap license for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Microsoft Office 365

There are pages like hard zone, who have great deals on these licenses; When you access the page you have to identify the product you want to buy at prices ranging from 11 euros. Furthermore, they give a code HZ20 which helps the buyer to get a 20% discount on the products purchased.

Among its most important licenses are Windows Home OEM with a cost of 11 euros and also Windows 10 pro for two computers for 19 euros. Compared to Microsoft Office 365 for 5 devices for one year at 24 euros.

It should be remembered that a legally purchased license is synonymous with safety; and hence there will be great benefits unlike other unofficial ones as these generally don't have company approval.

One of the benefits of legal licensing is that when the company makes new updates, the user receives them automatically. Also, you can have protection and support  technical  against Malware that want to infect the device that has the operating system.

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