How can I add more than 5000 friends on Facebook

Facebook was undoubtedly one of the first social networks which, once launched to the public, generated a great impact, in fact, it marked a before and an after in the generations, since from the beginning communicating became easier, as well as add friends on Facebook it has become an addiction.

Becoming a feature that fascinated all users, that the larger their friends list was even without knowing people from other countries, the more 'popularity' it meant, thanks to the Facebook function that allows you to add a large number of friends to your own contact list.

What is the maximum number of friends on Facebook

The network is used by millions of people around the world. However, if there is a limit within the platform for the number of friends added to an account and although the limit is quite high.

Even so, there are people who have reached the limit of 5.000 friends on Facebook and they need to have more contacts.

People with artistic careers or ventures that if exceed this limit they were advised to create a Fan page so that more people can follow.How can I add more than 5000 friends on Facebook

The limit imposed by the company Facebook was released after a survey carried out showed that the average person knows a maximum of 2000 people in their lifetime, so having more from there would represent a minority in the user population.

Put a limit on your friends list

The option is not available from June 2021 on limit is still 5.000 people and it is not possible to minimize or maximize it, it is the default amount for all users.

The only thing you can do is edit the friend request settings in so that you no longer receive requests from strangers.

You do this by accessing the inverted triangle from the top bar to open the menu and select Settings and Privacy> Settings> Privacy.

At the end of the options, search How others can find and contact you> Who can send you friend requests? And edit who can send you All or Friends of Friends requests.

So you can decide how many friends do you want to have manually, accepting or deleting contacts, only you can not exceed the limit.

Although it is not very difficult for a natural person to reach so many acquaintances, unless he has added people he does not know.

Remove the friend limit.

Il Facebook friends limit it can't be removed, it's a one-time, immutable option, so there's no other way to break Facebook's rules.

How to have more than 5000 friends on Facebook?

If you are a celebrity or want to improve your profile to reach more people because you have a business or promote something with your account, there is an option you can have more than 5000 people on your Facebook.

How can I add more than 5000 friends on Facebook

Actually an infinite amount, only it would no longer be part of your contact list, if not your followers.

That way you would continue to keep yours Facebook profile, but with an additional option so that people can follow your content but not have a friend on Facebook, so there are some restrictions.

Enable the option to have more than 5000

  1. Log into your Facebook account from Chrome or Firefox
  1. Then access the inverted triangle to open the menu and select Settings and Privacy> Settings> Public Publications.
  2. In the first option "Who can follow me" select "Public".

Note: If you can't find the option, we'll show you how to turn on the followers option on Facebook when it's not showing.

This will allow anyone to follow you and enable the "follow" button, since in the "Friends" option it makes no sense, because they are the same people in your contact list who will see your content.

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