How can I calibrate my iPhone battery

iPhone it is currently creating more and more developed models with features that are difficult to find in other terminals and that this simply makes it an attraction for its loyal customers, but there are features that require more attention from the user such as; calibrate the battery of our iOs device.

To calibrate the battery of our device iPhone we have to take some tips and some steps to take to get maximum autonomy inside our battery and so enjoy it longer, in addition to solving the problems inside the device, it is a kind of maintenance that we have to run at often.

How to calibrate the battery on my iPhone?

How can I calibrate my iPhone battery

  1. To start we need to fully charge the battery of ours iPod, iPhone o iPad and then it will be ready to start calibration.
  2. When it is fully charged, we unplug it from the charger and use our device until it does runs out and goes out one time downloaded battery.
  3. Now we have to wait with the device turned off without connecting it to the power supply for at least 8 hours, without turning it on or manipulating it.
  4. When the 8 hours minimum, we must recharge the device without turning it on until the battery is 100% charged, it is important not to use the device until the battery is fully charged, although it turns on when charging, we must wait to be completed.
  5. At the end of the carica al 100% we have to restart the device, in this case we will press the Home and Sleep button and there the device will restart automatically.

When the device is calibrated Apple we can continue with its normal life and thus be able to appreciate the changes in battery life when we use it at 100%.

Sometimes this is not enough and you have to choose to find another solution to the problem of low battery even when the devices are technically new and it could be a manufacturing defect. We can too save battery on iOS mobile with the best application to give you more time to use your mobile.

What to do if my iPhone still has battery life issues?

First you can choose to perform simple steps to greatly extend the battery life, such as enable dark mode of your iPhone to save battery, in this way you can rule out more serious failures in your mobile phone.

You can also forcefully close applications on your iPhone to save battery, this allows you to use only the applications you need at the moment and we are sure it will be of great use to you when you need that last percentage of available battery.

If we notice that although the calibration either well performed and there is no improvement in the battery situation, we see that it does not generate better performance after doing this, we have to consider other causes for this.

First of all we must to exclude that there are no major problems with the battery and above all to know that if the device is new but fails in these respects, they can contact a technical service in order to remove any doubts about what is causing the problem.

Sometimes we have to do one complete replacement of the battery of our iOs device and this must be done by a professional to reduce the risk of encountering problems when installing the new battery and then we can perform the battery calibration.

How can I calibrate my iPhone battery

If you have the courage to do it yourself or have someone who knows how to do it safely, you can buy the drum kit which you can find on Amazon or Ebay and in this way replace them to avoid problems of autonomy.

We need to know it's risky and we really need to know about replacing the battery, but the best would be for you to take it to their technical service.

In this way you learn to calibrate your mobile device and thus to extend the life of the battery inside it, we hope that this article has helped you to solve how can i calibrate my iPhone battery in a few steps and also what to do when battery calibration is not enough.

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