How can I easily hide my phone number on Facebook?

Although these platforms apply different security measures to avoid possible inconvenience with unknown people. It is necessary that each user guarantees his own security and his own privacy remain unaltered.

Therefore, it will never hurt to ask them to always protect their data and we will teach them  how can i easily hide my phone number on facebook.

We will show you a very simple way to easily hide your phone number on Facebook. So that unscrupulous people, take this data and annoy you or mess with you with a joke. Next we'll show you how you can do it stress-free of any kind.

How can I easily hide my phone number on Facebook?

 How can I easily hide my phone number on Facebook?

With the following trick that we are going to apply, you can  easily hide your phone number on Facebook and this information will only be visible to you. All this so that they cannot spy on this sensitive data, which we want to keep private. To do this you need to follow these simple steps, which we will explain below.

The first thing you need to do is enter your Facebook page, you will do it via your mobile. Once you are logged in and are on the page, you will go to the top right of the screen. There you will find the icon of three horizontal lines one above the other and you need to press there.

When we do that, a new window will appear, with our username and other options like View Profile, Find Friends, Events, etc. but in our case we will click on the option See your profile. Once this is done and in the new screen that shows us, we will go to scroll down to find new options.

These will be Info, Photos and Friends, we will click on the Info option, when we do it will take us to another window. In it we will find information about our e-mail address and our telephone number. The next step we need to take is to go to Contact Information.

Next to it, on the right, we will find an icon of an arrow pointing to the right. We press on it and this action will take us to another window where we will find options such as employment, academic training, professional attitudes, etc. but we're going to scroll almost to the end, until we find the About option contact.

Change the options to hide my phone number on Facebook

Here we can see our mobile number, email and our name or nickname on Facebook. Here we will also see the Edit option and on it we will press to be able to modify the data in this section. This action will take us to another window with the name of Edit Profile, in it we can see that on the right side of ours cellphone number there is a lock icon.

We will make a clip on this icon and when we do, they will appear three options Audience, Friend, Just me. The audience option must be selected and we need to change this selection to the Only me option. But if you only want your friends to see it, you can choose the Friends option. But we suggest you change this option to Only me.

How can I easily hide my phone number on Facebook?

And in this very simple way you will have hiding your phone number information on Facebook from everyone. As you can see, it's an edition that will keep your data safe from people you might not want to have. And that way we finished another tutorial on protecting your privacy.

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