How can I encrypt my DNS traffic to avoid being easily tracked?

The use of Internet connections is a fundamental need in today's society, since, through the different platforms available, it is possible to carry out practically any type of activity, such as purchases, consultancy, studies, jobs, among others. But not everything is exactly pink. So we want to explain how DNS traffic can be encrypted to avoid being tracked.

Several complaints around the world have been filed as a result the lack of privacy of users while browsing the Internet, both by the service provider and by third-party systems.

Browse the Internet more securely

That is why it becomes necessary to know what steps they can be taken for optimize your security and privacy when you use the Internet to carry out any type of business, banking operation or any type of consultation on the different platforms you visit.

How can I encrypt my DNS traffic to avoid being easily tracked?

By consulting, in fact, on the web, you will find a large number of alternatives in this regard. However, here you will meet one that, while not widely taken into consideration by many users, is of very high importance.

What is DNS?

The »Domain Name System» or »System Domain Name» (DNS) is an element consisting of a series of data, which will allow you to identify the IP addresses of devices or equipment.

To better understand, when multiple devices are connected to the same network, each is assigned an IP address. Identifying a particular device would be a very daunting task.

In this kind of situation, precisely, it is that the management of elements like DNS is important for translate device information from a number of elements. Always looking for the best and cheapest DNS server.

How is DNS integrated?

The elements that help to translate the name of a device connected to a network are 3: the client, the server and the zones of authority.

  • There DNS client it is an element that is installed on the user, in this case you. It has the task of making a series of constant requests for the resolution or translation of names to the server.
  • In this sense, the DNS server responds to requests made by the client, translating all the names through a structured tree system, also called DNS tree.
  • Finally, the areas of authority they are groups or servers in charge of resolving or translating domains such, to give some examples.

Safety issues

Many users have claimed that companies like Google have registered their DNS and monitored their activity. To what end? The list may be as long as it is uncertain, but it's still a reality that many users find themselves at the mercy of an invasion of their privacy by multiple servers. Therefore, it is important that you take all measures to protect yourself by using a more secure browser.

DNS encryption

Faced with this type of situation, users have decided to research the most practicable methods to optimize your security and privacy. From there, several web pages were born, including DNSLeakTest, which provides information on which servers accessed your data.

How can I encrypt my DNS traffic to avoid being easily tracked?

On the other hand, different types of software have also been developed with the aim of encrypting DNS and providing greater peace of mind to all people. One of the most recommended for this job is DNSCrypt.

Browse securely with DNSCrypt

You just have to go to the official DNSCrypt page and download the version that corresponds to your operating system. This software doesn't need installation, so you just have to unzip the file and follow the instructions below:

  1. Run the "dnscrypt-winservicemgr.exe" file.
  2. It is important to note that the description "win" after the dash corresponds to Windows, so it can vary depending on the operating system of the computer.
  3. Select the network card to which you will apply encryption.
  4. While the application's default encryption settings are recommended, you can make any changes you see fit. Above all, what is related to servers.
  5. Click the button "Ability".

Ready! Without worries

In this fast, easy and simple way, you already know how to encrypt your DNS traffic data and can avoid being tracked. No restrictions while browsing e ensuring that no servers will be able to log or track your information. What are you waiting for? Prove it now!

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