How can I join a Zoom meeting from my PC - Very easy?

For all cases, the opportunity to participate will be presented either by carrying out the login either by deciding to skip this step.

Join a Zoom meeting from your PC with the app

For this, you will need to have installed the application corresponding to this service. If you don't have it, it can be obtained from Zoom's official website.

The ID where identification number of the conference, we must have received it from the creator of the same to continue.

Now, we will detail the process of joining a conference from different operating systems available for computers.

Zoom insertion from Windows PC

With the application properly installed on your computer and while it is running, its main window will appear.

In this, there will be options " Attend the meeting «, For those people who do not want to log in. And under, " Log in " to access.

You need to click on the corresponding button. If you opt for the second mode, the account window will be updated. In it, you will press the button " Participate ", Which is blue and inside you will find a plus or symbol" + «.

How can I join a Zoom meeting from my PC - Very easy?

Next, you will proceed to enter the identification number or meeting ID, as well as the name. The audio and video preferences are adjusted, to finally give up " Participate «.

Zoom to Mac

Similarly, the application must be running, to press » Participate ", Starting a session with" Log in "Or without doing it with the option" Attend a meeting «.

If you log in with an account, from the central menu, on the left and in blue with the feature " + ", The button corresponding to" will be selected Log in «.

When the window is updated, the fields to be filled in to access the Zoom meeting from the PC will be displayed.

In addition to the name, this is the conference ID that must have been provided by the conference creator. Check the audio and video options and then be able to click «Participate» is the final step.

Can I use Zoom from a Linux PC?

Yes, there is also a version of the App for Linux and to be able to join a meeting on this system you need to run it.

It is very similar, in the same way you can choose to start a session with " Log in "Or simply participate with" Attend a meeting «.

Having to select the central button " Join »If you prefer the first method. In order to subsequently enter the data corresponding to the meeting.

These will be the conference identification data and the name. In the same section you will decide whether or not to activate the video and audio, culminating the process with the " Join ".


How to join a Zoom meeting from the PC with the browser?

It is advisable to always use the official applications, but if you do not want to or can do it, you can also participate in a Zoom conference with the browser.

How can I join a Zoom meeting from my PC - Very easy?

To achieve this, you will need to have a link to the Zoom Web client, which must be provided by the meeting administrator. A curious fact that many users do not know is the fact that the Zoom meeting host can change.

Then, you just need to click for the browser to redirect to the conference room in question.

On the other hand they have also been created extensions for Chrome and Firefox that allow you to participate in Zoom meetings, and although these were not created directly by the company, it does not deny their use.

With the Zoom platform you don't have to limit yourself to using it only from your PC, since you also have the possibility of being able to use the platform from your mobile.

In the event that the Zoom platform presents a problem or not all interested parties can participate in the videoconference, you can use Google Meet.

Zoom is now the platform par excellence for making video calls, it is the favorite of many users for reasons such as the fact that more people can participate in a video call. Another reason it is so popular is because it also allows you to record the meeting.

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