How can I make transitions on Tik Tok?

It establishes itself as a dynamic platform for recording fifteen second video accompanied by background music.  Creating an account on Tik Tok ensures you get real followers quickly if you upload good content.

A large number of users managed to capture the interest of the general public to overcome barriers and achieve entertainment.

That's why this application continues to invest in video editing and the variety of options it offers. They go hand in hand with the creativeness of the person.

What are transitions?

Transitions are defined as gestures made by the person to highlight a change or effect within the video. This is a way to make a video with photos and music more fun.

This transition is responsible for giving grace and dynamics to the succession of sequences that the user usually records through his mobile phone.

However, it is an effect that can be done manually or added via the modifies the filter. Always keeping abreast of its constant use, it has adapted its options to the convenience of the community.

How can I make transitions on Tik Tok?

In this social network there are a large number of transitions that go with the changes of sound or speed that make up the recording that has been made, you can achieve this transition effect in your videos in two ways.

How can I make transitions on Tik Tok?

Manually, using your imagination

The way the user transitions includes covering the camera, moving the hands or its terminals.

just one gesture that stands out. Likewise, playing with the "Change of cameras" to create visual effects throughout the entire video.

The only limit is your degree of imagination, this application gives you the opportunity to invent more transitions. Thus, the quality of your publications has improved and you distinguish yourself from the people who are part of the social networks.

With the help of templates

To make transitions in Tik Tok after the video has been previously recorded and edited with speed and filters, you can choose i models to change it.

This option was added shortly after the application was created because it is able to help the user ad achieve an attractive effect which helps generate more interest.

If you don't know how to add this kind of dynamism after your video is recorded, we'll tell you how to get it.

  • Launch the Tik Tok application and start creating a new recording by clicking on the » records “, In the same way as it is done regularly.
  • After everything has been recorded normally, press the " pink sign " down.
  • The next thing that will appear on your screen will be editing your video through multiple options, where you will find the option » edit effects «.

How can I make transitions on Tik Tok?

  • When this section is pressed, four types of effects will appear, where we will look for the transitions they cover in the option » tranny «.
  • When you can make transitions in Tik Tok, you can add as many effects as you want and, in turn, limit the duration of each.
  • Anything that has been previously selected and adjusted for the user's convenience, press » play »To preview the video.
  • Finally, select » save »To save the recording to your device and then post it to the Tik Tok community feed.

Since transitions can be added during and after recording, it is up to you to decide how you will feel most comfortable reaching the creativeness What do you desire.

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