How can I protect my Router from VPNFilter attacks?

Security and privacy are and should be users' biggest concerns when connecting to the wonderful invisible network that it is Internet. There are many aspects that must be considered to stay away from cyber or cyber attacks.

In this article, we'll show you one of those potential dangers and what you should do about it   protect my router from VPNFilter attacks.

How can I protect my Router from VPNFilter attacks?

The reason for this attack is that alarms have been triggered and it is estimated that nearly one million routers have been infected around the world. The VPNFilter was in charge of remote control and the information theft very sensitive by users. In addition to the total destruction of their network devices, it was one of the worst attacks in recent years.

The routers that have been infected with this Malware have become part of a vast network of bots, which remotely controlled can carry out attacks.

For this reason it is important to carry out periodically configurations to our routers and thus improve the security of their connection. This will prevent us from being prone to becoming new victims of cyber attacks.

How can I protect my router from VPNFilter attacks

After the attack allegedly carried out by Russia by Hackers from that country, the FBI was given the task of issuing the following recommendation to restore the perfect functioning of the router. They indicated that they should turn them off for a while and turn them back on, but that didn't quite solve the problem.

So that you are not a victim of this attack or a similar one, below we will indicate what you should do, so that you can create an impenetrable fence. And you will learn how can i protect my router from VPNFilter attacks. Regardless of model or brand, spend this precious time checking certain settings and configuring your router properly and robustly.

One of the things that many users overlook is sharing their network and making it public. As you should know your WiFi signal, it has an identification number, this is known by its acronym SSID. This is provided by the manufacturer, but you can change it and keep it even without being visible to other devices that are tracking a WiFi network.

Another aspect that is essential and will help you greatly in avoiding this type of attack from VPNFilter. It is by changing your username and password, these are provided by the manufacturer and are printed on the device label.

Believe it or not, this data can be found online and for people who are dedicated to these disastrous tasks, it won't cost much work.

Safeguard the integrity of our Router and avoid the VPNFilter attack

It is also important to perform a scan type so that you can determine which ports are in use and which are not. This is why you completely disable services that don't use them. Another feature that is highly recommended to disable is remote administration and check the services that control it, such as i https and SSH protocols.

As you should already know, Routers use Software which is responsible for directing their normal operation. It is known as Firmware and this wing, just like any other operating system, must and must be updated. This is in order to correct possible flaws and gaps that allow hackers to enter the system.

It is also very important to search the net to see if the manufacturer has made any updates to the device software. If a fault has been detected or if there is a way to provide additional protection to the Router. Since updates don't just provide patches, they also offer new features that make them more robust and improve their performance.

How can I protect my Router from VPNFilter attacks?

This way we came to the end of this article which showed you that there are many ways to be on your guard and be aware of possible cyber attacks. And very clearly and simply we were able to tell you how can i protect my router from VPNFilter attacks.

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