How can I use Outlook or Hotmail on Android?

There are many reasons why you may have to use a account Outlook o Hotmail instead of a Google, Apple or any other provider account, on your mobile. Either because your job requires it, because you are more used to Microsoft services or simply because you prefer applications integrated with these types of accounts.

How can I use Outlook or Hotmail on Android?

Fortunately, using a Microsoft account on Android is extremely simple. Google's operating system includes native support for these types of email accounts, and there are several ways to set them up.

From system settings

One of the easiest ways to add a Microsoft account to an Android phone is through the system settings. The main advantage of this method is the ability to use any email application desired.

  1. Open the system settings app and go to the "Account" section
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings panel and tap "Add account"
  3. Select the "Exchange" or "Outlook" option
  4. Enter your account credentials

How can I use Outlook or Hotmail on Android?

And this is all. If you open yours now email manager, the account you just added will be available and, after a few minutes, your emails will be available.

Also, if you use Microsoft contacts and calendar applications, the data will also have been synchronized and you will be able to see people and events in your Outlook or Hotmail calendar.

Con l’app Gmail

If you already have a Google account and you don't want to download an alternative email app, you should know that The Gmail app lets you set up and use Microsoft accounts. This way, you can check your mail, send messages via Gmail, but using your Outlook or Hotmail account.

  1. Apri l’app Gmail
  2. Access the application settings from the side menu
  3. Tap "Add Account" and choose the "Outlook" or "Exchange and Office 365" option, depending on your account type

How can I use Outlook or Hotmail on Android?

With the Outlook app

While the above two methods may be convenient, especially for those using other email accounts besides Microsoft's, the truth is that the easiest way to use an Outlook or Hotmail account on Android is through the Outlook application.

And is that Microsoft's email app allows you to manage all content associated with the account from the same place, from email messages, to your calendar, to tasks or files stored in the Microsoft cloud.

You also need to remember that the Outlook app allows you to add accounts from other providers come Google o Yahoo Mail.

  1. Download the Outlook app for Android and open it
  2. Open the side menu of the app and tap the button to add a new account in the upper left corner
  3. Choose the type of account and enter your credentials.

How can I use Outlook or Hotmail on Android?

Whichever method you have chosen, now you can use your Microsoft email account on your Android phone without problems.

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