How do I create a Twitch account to stream and record my games?

In this sense, Twitch has been one of those platforms that has stood out the most in this field, thanks to the fact that it allows the transmission of hundreds of video games live through its service of streaming. While it also broadcasts other types of content, undoubtedly the player's appearance was what stood out the most.

Where does Twitch come from?

This is a product belonging to the famous online company Amazon. It came out in 2011, born with the mission of providing support to the sports sector, especially electronic sports.

Undoubtedly, it set a trend, and it took Amazon just 3 years to acquire it in 2014 for an amount, no more and no less, of $ 970 million.

How do I create a Twitch account to stream and record my games?

At the moment, you can enjoy its services through its PC version, although it is available also for iOS and Android, as well as implementing its tools in console software such as Xbox and PlayStation.

I want a Twitch account

If you are interested in being part of this incredible community of players and fans of e-sports, you are in the perfect place to do this, as here you will have an explanation on how to create a Twitch account:

  1. First of all, it is important to note that registration on this platform is completely free. So, if you find yourself with a paid offer, discard it immediately.
  2. Go to the Twitch site.
  3. Click on "Register" button which you will find at the top right of the screen.
  4. An easier and faster way that will appear at this point is to register using your Facebook account.
  5. If, on the other hand, you do not want to connect Twitch to your Facebook account, just send the registration form with the information requested for this purpose (username, password, email, date of birth).
  6. Check the box for the CAPTCHA and then click the register button.

Verification of identity

To confirm the information provided, Twitch will send a verification message to the email that you entered in the registration form.

Amazon's influence on Twitch

Despite being a totally free service, there is a Prime version of this platform full of really cool stuff. What is the way to access it? Subscription to the Amazon Prime platform.

From there, you can count on free games, the elimination of advertising content on the platform, the inclusion of exclusive emojis for users of this type, as well as enjoying exclusive content and many other benefits.

Record and stream on Twitch

If you not only want to be part of the community of viewers who stream famous people every day, but you want to be one of them, because it is time for you to start explore the different tools that this platform offers your willingness to become one of the best.

How do I create a Twitch account to stream and record my games?

  • Check that your computer meets the required specifications for video game streaming here.
  • We recommend the use of some software that facilitate and optimize the transmission of video games. Among the most recommended, you can use OBS Studio, Gameshow and Xplit.
  • Configure the video, audio and broadcast properties of the selected broadcast tool.
  • Press the start recording button and start the game, then caricalo su Twitch.

Become part of this community!

Without a doubt, Twitch offers a more than interesting space for experience the reactions and epic moments that the world of video games offers, living a unique and incredible experience.

As a spectator or as part of the people who upload their recordings daily, this community of players retains something simply special: a passion for Games.

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